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Conditioned place preference training prevents hippocampal depotentiation in an orexin-dependent manner

Long-term potentiation (LTP) is well recognized as a cellular-correlated synaptic plasticity of learning and memory. However, its reversal forms of synaptic plasticity, depotentiation, is less studied and its association with behaviors is also far from clear. Previously, we have shown that nanomolar orexin A can prevent the depotentiation induced by low frequency stimulation (LFS...

Neural Development of the Neuregulin Receptor ErbB4 in the Cerebral Cortex and the Hippocampus: Preferential Expression by Interneurons Tangentially Migrating from the Ganglionic Eminences

The receptor tyrosine kinases represent an important class of signal transduction molecules that have been shown to play critical roles in neural development. We report in the present study that the neuregulin receptor ErbB4 is preferentially expressed by interneurons that are migrating tangentially from the ventral to the dorsal rat telencephalon. ErbB4 immunoreactivity was...

Severe neurological phenotypes of Q129 DRPLA transgenic mice serendipitously created by en masse expansion of CAG repeats in Q76 DRPLA mice

Toshiya Sato 3 Masami Miura 6 Mitsunori Yamada 1 Takayuki Yoshida 5 Jonathan D. Wood 4 Ikuru Yazawa 2 Masao Masuda 6 Takeo Suzuki 6 11 Ryong-Moon Shin 6 Hau-Jie Yau 12 Fu-Chin Liu 12 Takayoshi