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Making healthy homes? A pilot study of the return on investment from an external wall insulation intervention

the publication of this report and any accompanying images. Funding Heather Brown, Gulnar Fattakhova, and Clare Bambra are members of Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health (http

Home food preparation practices, experiences and perceptions: A qualitative interview study with photo-elicitation

Brown, Jean Adams. Formal analysis: Susanna Mills, Martin White, Wendy Wrieden, Heather Brown, Jean Adams. Funding acquisition: Susanna Mills, Martin White, Jean Adams. Investigation: Susanna Mills ... . Methodology: Susanna Mills, Martin White, Wendy Wrieden, Heather Brown, Jean Adams. Supervision: Martin White, Wendy Wrieden, Heather Brown, Martine Stead, Jean Adams. Writing ± original draft: Susanna Mills

Association Between Lipid Biomarkers, Physical Activity, and Socioeconomic Status in a Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study in the UK

and public transportation use may be one mechanism to promote physical activity of the required intensity [27]. Competing interests All authors (Heather Brown, Frauke Becker, and Kofi Antwi) disclose ... consent for their blood to be taken and to be stored for future scientific and genetic analyses [11]. Acknowledgements Heather Brown and Frauke Becker are members of Fuse, the Centre for Translational

Reading comprehension in children with Down syndrome

Kapikian contributed to assessments. Some measures for Study 1 were gathered for MSc dissertations completed by Heather Brown and Elizabeth Main. The authors thank all the children, parents and schools who

Prevalence of Medical Conditions Potentially Amenable to Cellular Therapy among Families Privately Storing Umbilical Cord Blood

Introduction Little is known about the prevalence of conditions potentially amenable to cellular therapy among families storing umbilical cord blood in private cord blood banks. Methods A cross-sectional study of families with at least one child who stored umbilical cord blood in the largest private cord blood bank in the United States was performed. Respondent families completed...

Systematic review of the health and social determinants and outcomes of home cooking: protocol

Heather Brown 0 Jean Adams 2 0 Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University , Baddiley-Clark Building, Richardson Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4AX , UK 1 Human Nutrition Research Centre, Institute

A Novel Triazolopyridine-Based Spleen Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor That Arrests Joint Inflammation

Autoantibodies and the immunoreceptors to which they bind can contribute to the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Spleen Tyrosine Kinase (Syk) is a non-receptor tyrosine kinase with a central role in immunoreceptor (FcR) signaling and immune cell functionality. Syk kinase inhibitors have activity in antibody-dependent immune cell activation...

The NULevel trial of a scalable, technology-assisted weight loss maintenance intervention for obese adults after clinically significant weight loss: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Background Effective weight loss interventions are widely available but, after weight loss, most individuals regain weight. This article describes the protocol for the NULevel trial evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a systematically developed, inexpensive, scalable, technology-assisted, behavioural intervention for weight loss maintenance (WLM) in obese...

Improving Diabetes care through Examining, Advising, and prescribing (IDEA): protocol for a theory-based cluster randomised controlled trial of a multiple behaviour change intervention aimed at primary healthcare professionals

Background New clinical research findings may require clinicians to change their behaviour to provide high-quality care to people with type 2 diabetes, likely requiring them to change multiple different clinical behaviours. The present study builds on findings from a UK-wide study of theory-based behavioural and organisational factors associated with prescribing, advising, and...

Promoting childbirth companions in South Africa: a randomised pilot study

Background Most women delivering in South African State Maternity Hospitals do not have a childbirth companion; in addition, the quality of care could be better, and at times women are treated inhumanely. We piloted a multi-faceted intervention to encourage uptake of childbirth companions in state hospitals, and hypothesised that lay carers would improve the behaviour of health...

Methicillin resistance of Staphylococcus species among health care and nonhealth care workers undergoing cataract surgery

Methicillin resistance of Staphylococcus species among health care and nonhealth care workers undergoing cataract surgery Randall Olson1, Eric Donnenfeld2, Frank A Bucci Jr3, Francis W Price Jr4, Michael Raizman5, Kerry Solomon6, Uday Devgan7, William Trattler8, Steven Dell9, R Bruce Wallace10, Michelle Callegan11, Heather Brown11, Peter J McDonnell12, Taryn Conway13, Rhett M...

The Evolving Systemic and Local Biomarker Milieu at Different Stages of Disease Progression in Rat Adjuvant-Induced Arthritis

Introduction Rats with adjuvant-induced arthritis (AIA) were necropsied on 14 occasions during preclinical, acute clinical and chronic clinical stages of AIA progression to characterize local (joint protein extracts) and systemic (serum) levels of mediators regulating inflammation and bone erosion in conjunction with lymphoid tissue-specific leukocyte kinetics. Results Systemic...