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Early stimulated thyroglobulin for response prediction after recombinant human thyrotropin-aided radioiodine therapy

ObjectiveMeasurement of recombinant human thyrotropin (rhTSH)-stimulated thyroglobulin (Tg) is generally recommended 72 h after the second rhTSH injection. However, due to the acute effect of I-131 on thyrocytes, Tg measured after radioiodine therapy (RIT) would not accurately reflect the thyroid tissue burden. We aimed to determine predictive values of serum Tg level measured...

Concurrent Treatment with Taxifolin and Cilostazol on the Lowering of β-Amyloid Accumulation and Neurotoxicity via the Suppression of P-JAK2/P-STAT3/NF-κB/BACE1 Signaling Pathways

Taxifolin is a potent flavonoid that exerts anti-oxidative effect, and cilostazol increases intracellular cAMP levels by inhibiting phosphodiesterase 3 that shows antiinflammatory actions. BACE1 (β-site APP cleaving enzyme 1) is the rate-limiting enzyme responsible for the β-cleavage of amyloid precursor proteins to Aβ peptides. In this study, endogenous Aβ and C99 accumulation...