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Free Speech and National Security Bootstraps

- Article 7 Heidi Kitrosser* This Article focuses on two areas of national security exceptionalism in free speech doctrine: judicial review of material-support laws as applied to speech and judicial

Leak Prosecutions and the First Amendment: New Developments and a Closer Look at the Feasibility of Protecting Leakers

-caf30787c0a9_story.html [ BUM8-WSXH]. 8. See infra Part II.B (discussing the mixed approach). 9. See infra Part II.B; see also Heidi Kitrosser, Free Speech Aboard the Leaky Ship of State: Calibrating ... threaten the system of free speech because plenty of classified information still makes its way into newspapers and the 13. See Heidi Kitrosser, Classified Information Leaks and Free Speech, 2008 U. ILL. L

Scientific Integrity: The Perils and Promise of White House Administration

Administration , 79 Fordham L. Rev. 2395 (2011). Available at: - Article 1 Heidi Kitrosser* In March 2009, President Barack Obama issued a memorandum instructing ... means to enhance accountability. President Taft echoed the Report’s reasoning in his message transmitting it to Congress. He explained: 37. See, Heidi Kitrosser, Accountability and Administrative

Supremely Opaque?: Accountability, Transparency, and Presidential Supremacy

elsewhere. See generally Heidi Kitrosser, ClassifiedInformation Leaks and FreeSpeech, 2008 U. ILL. L. REV. 881 (2008); Heidi Kitrosser, Congressional Oversight of National Security Activities: Improving ... Information Funnels, 29 CARDOZO L. REV. 1049 (2008); Heidi Kitrosser, "Macro-Transparency"as StructuralDirective: A Look at the NSA Surveillance Controversy, 91 MINN. L. REV. 1163 (2007); Heidi Kitrosser

Constitutional Interpretation and "The World Out There": An Introduction to the Symposium

Justice Blackmun and Judicial Biography: A Conversation with Linda Greenhouse CONSTITUTIONAL INTERPRETATION AND THE “WORLD OUT THERE”: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SYMPOSIUM* Heidi Kitrosser† This issue and