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Assuming measurement invariance of background indicators in international comparative educational achievement studies: a challenge for the interpretation of achievement differences

 achievement differences Heike Wendt 0 Daniel Kasper daniel.kasper@tu-dortmund 0 Matthias Trendtel 1 0 Institute for School Development Research, TU Dortmund University , Vogelpothsweg 78, 44227 Dortmund

Subject-specific strength and weaknesses of fourth-grade students in Europe: a comparative latent profile analysis of multidimensional proficiency patterns based on PIRLS/TIMSS combined 2011

based on PIRLS/TIMSS combined 2011 Heike Wendt heike.wendt@tu-dortmund Background: In 2011 the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) and the Trends in International Mathematics and

Case management for the treatment of patients with major depression in general practices – rationale, design and conduct of a cluster randomized controlled trial – PRoMPT (Primary care Monitoring for depressive Patient's Trial) [ISRCTN66386086] – Study protocol

Background Depression is a disorder with high prevalence in primary health care and a significant burden of illness. The delivery of health care for depression, as well as other chronic illnesses, has been criticized for several reasons and new strategies to address the needs of these illnesses have been advocated. Case management is a patient-centered approach which has shown...