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Trajectories and predictors of women’s health-related quality of life during pregnancy: A large longitudinal cohort study

study. The language editor of a near-final draft of the manuscript was Joy Burrough. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Guannan Bai, Hein Raat, Ida J. Korfage. Formal analysis: Guannan Bai ... . Methodology: Guannan Bai, Hein Raat, Ida J. Korfage. Project administration: Hein Raat. Supervision: Hein Raat, Ida J. Korfage. Writing ± original draft: Guannan Bai. Writing ± review & editing: Guannan Bai

Socioeconomic differences in children’s television viewing trajectory: A population-based prospective cohort study

Public Health, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) for providing advices on the statistical analyses. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Junwen Yang-Huang, Amy van Grieken, Hein Raat. Formal ... analysis: Junwen Yang-Huang. Project administration: Vincent W. V. Jaddoe, Hein Raat. Supervision: Amy van Grieken, Hein Raat. Writing ± original draft: Junwen Yang-Huang. Writing ± review & editing

Socioeconomic inequalities in frailty and frailty components among community-dwelling older citizens

: Carmen B. Franse, Amy van Grieken, Judith A. C. Rietjens, Hein Raat. Data curation: Carmen B. Franse, Li Qin. Formal analysis: Carmen B. Franse. Funding acquisition: Carmen B. Franse, Hein Raat ... . Methodology: Carmen B. Franse, Hein Raat. Project administration: Carmen B. Franse. Supervision: Amy van Grieken, Judith A. C. Rietjens, Hein Raat. Writing ± original draft: Carmen B. Franse. Writing

Social inequalities in children’s oral health-related quality of life: the Generation R Study

Purpose Oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) is the most important patient-reported outcome measure in oral health research. The purpose of the present research was to study the association of family socioeconomic position (SEP) with children’s OHRQoL. Methods This cross-sectional study was embedded in the Generation R Study, a population-based cohort study conducted in...

Risk factors and protective factors associated with incident or increase of frailty among community-dwelling older adults: A systematic review of longitudinal studies

Introduction Frailty is one of the greatest challenges facing our aging population, as it can lead to adverse outcomes such as institutionalization, hospitalization, and mortality. However, the factors that are associated with frailty are poorly understood. We performed a systematic review of longitudinal studies in order to identify the sociodemographic, physical, biological...

Childhood chronic conditions and health-related quality of life: Findings from a large population-based study

The objective of this study was to assess the impact of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) across prevalent chronic conditions, individually and comorbid, in school-aged children in the Netherlands. 5301 children aged 4–11 years from the Dutch Health Interview Survey were included. Parents completed questionnaires regarding child and parental characteristics. HRQOL of...

Breastfeeding and the risk of respiratory tract infections after infancy: The Generation R Study

Background The protection of breastfeeding against respiratory tract infections in the first year of life has often been suggested. Few studies examined the effect of breastfeeding on respiratory tract infections after infancy. Objective To examine the association between breastfeeding with lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) and upper respiratory tract infections (URTI...

Associations between Nausea, Vomiting, Fatigue and Health-Related Quality of Life of Women in Early Pregnancy: The Generation R Study

The objective of this study was to evaluate the independent associations between nausea, vomiting, fatigue and health-related quality of life of women in early pregnancy in the Generation R study, which is a prospective mother and child cohort. Analyses were based on 5079 women in early pregnancy in the Rotterdam area, the Netherlands. The information on nausea, vomiting and...

Who uses early childhood education and care services? Comparing socioeconomic selection across five western policy contexts

Burchinal Catherine Herba Henrik Daae Zachrisson Michel Boivin Richard E. Tremblay Henning Tiemeier Vincent Jaddoe Hein Raat Growing evidence suggests that children's participation in early childhood

Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and its associated factors in children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM)

Gemma Carreras Xavier Herrero Josep-Maria Mengibar Dolors Rodriguez-Arjona 0 Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer Hein Raat Luis Rajmil 0 1 0 Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Assessment , Roc Boronat 81-95, 08005

Sugar-containing beverage intake at the age of 1 year and cardiometabolic health at the age of 6 years: the Generation R Study

Background Consumption of sugar-containing beverages (SCBs) in adults has been associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome. Although the effect of SCB on body weight in children is well established, little is known about the cardiometabolic effects in young children. We studied the associations of SCB intake at the age of 1 year with cardiometabolic health at age 6...

Correction: Determinants of Health-Related Quality of Life in School-Aged Children: A General Population Study in the Netherlands

. Landgraf Hein Raat In Table 3, all values for the determinant “Siblings in household” are incorrect. The authors have provided a correct Table 3 here. - Variable Gender Ethnicity Urbanisation rate Single

Determinants of Health-Related Quality of Life in School-Aged Children: A General Population Study in the Netherlands

Background Health related quality of life is the functional effect of a medical condition and/or its therapy upon a patient, and as such is particularly suitable for describing the general health of children. The objective of this study was to identify and confirm potential determinants of health-related quality of life in children aged 4-11 years in the general population in the...

Depressive symptoms and clustering of risk behaviours among adolescents and young adults attending vocational education: a cross-sectional study

Background Depressive symptoms and risk behaviours often do not occur in isolation among adolescents and young adults. In order to improve intervention programmes, more research is needed to elucidate the clustering of risk behaviours, the association with depressive symptoms, and demographic variables. Therefore, this study examined the clustering of risk behaviours, the...

Social Inequalities in Young Children’s Meal Skipping Behaviors: The Generation R Study

Background Regular meal consumption is considered an important aspect of a healthy diet. While ample evidence shows social inequalities in breakfast skipping among adolescents, little is known about social inequalities in breakfast skipping and skipping of other meals among young school-aged children. Such information is crucial in targeting interventions aimed to promote a...

Development of the web-based Spanish and Catalan versions of the Euroqol 5D-Y (EQ-5D-Y) and comparison of results with the paper version

Background The objectives of the study were to develop web-based Spanish and Catalan versions of the EQ-5D-Y, and to compare scores and psychometric properties with the paper version. Methods Web-based and paper versions of EQ-5D-Y were included in a cross-sectional study in Palafolls (Barcelona), Spain and administered to students (n = 923) aged 8 to 18 years from 2 primary and...

Comparison of the Web-Based and Digital Questionnaires of the Spanish and Catalan Versions of the KIDSCREEN-52

Francisco Codina 3 Hein Raat 4 Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer 5 0 Age`ncia de Qualitat i Avaluacio Sanita`ries de Catalunya , Barcelona , Spain, 1 IMIM (Institut Hospital del Mar de Recerca Biome`dica) , Barcelona

The Generation R Study: design and cohort update 2017

The Generation R Study is a population-based prospective cohort study from fetal life until adulthood. The study is designed to identify early environmental and genetic causes and causal pathways leading to normal and abnormal growth, development and health from fetal life, childhood and young adulthood. This multidisciplinary study focuses on several health outcomes including...

Effects of an intervention aimed at reducing the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages in primary school children: a controlled trial

Background Since sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) may contribute to the development of overweight in children, effective interventions to reduce their consumption are needed. Here we evaluated the effect of a combined school- and community-based intervention aimed at reducing children’s SSB consumption by promoting the intake of water. Favourable intervention effects on children’s...

A longitudinal study of children’s outside play using family environment and perceived physical environment as predictors

Background A natural and cheap way of increasing children’s physical activity is stimulating unstructured outside play. Purpose This study examined whether characteristics of the family and perceived physical environment were associated with the duration of children’s outside play. Methods Parents participating in the “Be Active, Eat Right” cluster RCT control group (N = 2007...