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Role of STN1 and DNA Polymerase α in Telomere Stability and Genome-Wide Replication in Arabidopsis

The CST (Cdc13/CTC1-STN1-TEN1) complex was proposed to have evolved kingdom specific roles in telomere capping and replication. To shed light on its evolutionary conserved function, we examined the effect of STN1 dysfunction on telomere structure in plants. STN1 inactivation in Arabidopsis leads to a progressive loss of telomeric DNA and the onset of telomeric defects depends on...

Evolution of metabolic networks: a computational frame-work

Christoph Flamm Alexander Ullrich 0 Heinz Ekker Martin Mann Daniel Hgerl Markus Rohrschneider Sebastian Sauer Gerik Scheuermann Konstantin Klemm 0 Ivo L Hofacker Peter F Stadler 0 0 Bioinformatics