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Glaucoma surgery and induced astigmatism: a systematic review

Background The refractive outcomes of glaucoma surgeries, particularly their effect on astigmatism, are incompletely understood. Main body Trabeculectomy is associated with a considerable amount of with-the-rule astigmatic change in the immediate postoperative period. This is followed by a gradual against-the-rule shift. These changes are altered with the use of mitomycin C (MMC...

Human Cardiosphere-Derived Cells from Patients with Chronic Ischaemic Heart Disease Can Be Routinely Expanded from Atrial but Not Epicardial Ventricular Biopsies

To investigate the effects of age and disease on endogenous cardiac progenitor cells, we obtained right atrial and left ventricular epicardial biopsies from patients (nā€‰=ā€‰22) with chronic ischaemic heart disease and measured doubling time and surface marker expression in explant- and cardiosphere-derived cells (EDCs, CDCs). EDCs could be expanded from all atrial biopsy samples...