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A PAK6–IQGAP1 complex promotes disassembly of cell–cell adhesions

p-21 activated 6 (PAK6), first identified as interacting with the androgen receptor (AR), is over-expressed in multiple cancer tissues and has been linked to the progression of prostate cancer, however little is known about PAK6 function in the absence of AR signaling. We report here that PAK6 is specifically required for carcinoma cell–cell dissociation downstream of hepatocyte...

Tumor-associated Endo180 requires stromal-derived LOX to promote metastatic prostate cancer cell migration on human ECM surfaces

cancer. Bone; Cell migration; Collagen; Fibroblast; Osteoblast; Prostate cancer - Matthew P. Caley, Helen King and Neel Shah have contributed equally to this work. Abbreviations AGE Advanced glycation