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Childhood maltreatment and the medical morbidity in bipolar disorder: a case–control study

Background Childhood maltreatment (abuse and neglect) can have long-term deleterious consequences, including increased risk for medical and psychiatric illnesses, such as bipolar disorder in adulthood. Emerging evidence suggests that a history of childhood maltreatment is linked to the comorbidity between medical illnesses and mood disorders. However, existing studies on bipolar...

Interplay between Schizophrenia Polygenic Risk Score and Childhood Adversity in First-Presentation Psychotic Disorder: A Pilot Study

A history of childhood adversity is associated with psychotic disorder, with an increase in risk according to number or severity of exposures. However, it is not known why only some exposed individuals go on to develop psychosis. One possibility is pre-existing genetic vulnerability. Research on gene-environment interaction in psychosis has primarily focused on candidate genes...

Methylomic markers of persistent childhood asthma: a longitudinal study of asthma-discordant monozygotic twins

Background Asthma is the most common chronic inflammatory disorder in children. The aetiology of asthma pathology is complex and highly heterogeneous, involving the interplay between genetic and environmental risk factors that is hypothesized to involve epigenetic processes. Our aim was to explore whether methylomic variation in early childhood is associated with discordance for...

Ethnic variations in compulsory detention and hospital admission for psychosis across four UK Early Intervention Services

Background Substantial ethnic variations have been found in incidence, pathways to care and outcomes in psychosis. It is unknown whether these remain as marked in the presence of specialist Early Intervention Services (EIS) for psychosis. We present the first UK study exploring ethnic differences in compulsory detention and hospitalization rates for EIS patients. We investigated...

Gender differences in the association between childhood physical and sexual abuse, social support and psychosis

successful completion. AESOP was funded by the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Stanley Medical Research Institute. Helen L. Fisher is supported by an MRC Population Health Scientist fellowship