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Genomic regions involved in yield potential detected by genome-wide association analysis in Japanese high-yielding rice cultivars

Toshio Yamamoto Eiji Yamamoto Kazuki Matsubara Hideyuki Hirabayashi Yoshinobu Takeuchi Hiroshi Tsunematsu Takuro Ishii Hisatoshi Ohta Hideo Maeda Kaworu Ebana Masahiro Yano Background: High-yielding

qEMF3, a novel QTL for the early-morning flowering trait from wild rice, Oryza officinalis, to mitigate heat stress damage at flowering in rice, O. sativa

A decline in rice (Oryza sativa L.) production caused by heat stress is one of the biggest concerns resulting from future climate change. Rice spikelets are most susceptible to heat stress at flowering. The early-morning flowering (EMF) trait mitigates heat-induced spikelet sterility at the flowering stage by escaping heat stress during the daytime. We attempted to develop near...