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Effect of seawater temperature, pH, and nutrients on the distribution and character of low abundance shallow water benthic foraminifera in the Galápagos

California pH data. Data curation: Alexander F. Humphreys, Bernhard Riegl. Formal analysis: Alexander F. Humphreys. Funding acquisition: Jochen Halfar, Hildegard Westphal. Methodology: Alexander F ... , Derek Manzello, Claire E. Reymond, Hildegard Westphal, Bernhard Riegl. 22 / 25 23 / 25 24 / 25 1. Iglesias-Rodriguez MD , Armstrong R , Feely R , Hood R , Kleypas J , Milliman JD , et al. Progress made

Reef calcifiers are adapted to episodic heat stress but vulnerable to sustained warming

Shallow marine ecosystems naturally experience fluctuating physicochemical conditions across spatial and temporal scales. Widespread coral-bleaching events, induced by prolonged heat stress, highlight the importance of how the duration and frequency of thermal stress influence the adaptive physiology of photosymbiotic calcifiers. Large benthic foraminifera harboring algal...

Diagenesis makes the impossible come true: intersecting beds in calcareous turbidites

Constructing a time-frame of the past is fundamental for any geological interpretation, and the recognition of orbital cycles preserved in the stratigraphic record has revolutionized our understanding of the global timescale, especially for the Cenozoic. In the past decades, astrochronological and cyclostratigraphic approaches based on Milankovitch cycles have become a widely...

Heterozoan carbonates in subtropical to tropical settings in the present and past

Water temperature has received considerable attention as steering factor for the genesis of different types of marine carbonate sediments. However, parameters other than temperature also strongly influence ecosystems and, consequently, the carbonate grain associations in the resulting carbonate rock. Among those factors are biological evolution, water energy, substrate, water...