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Emergent supersymmetry in local equilibrium systems

Many physical processes we observe in nature involve variations of macroscopic quantities over spatial and temporal scales much larger than microscopic molecular collision scales and can be considered as in local thermal equilibrium. In this paper we show that any classical statistical system in local thermal equilibrium has an emergent supersymmetry at low energies. We use the...

Study of gas production from shale reservoirs with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing horizontal well considering multiple transport mechanisms

. Supervision: Mingzhen Wei. Writing ± original draft: Chaohua Guo. Writing ± review & editing: Mingzhen Wei, Hong Liu. 19 / 21 20 / 21 1. Yu W. , Luo Z. , Javadpour F. , Varavei A. , Sepehrnoori K. ( 2014

ISEcp1-mediated transposition of chromosome-borne blaCMY-2 into an endogenous ColE1-like plasmid in Escherichia coli

Lu-Lu Li,4 Xiao-Ping Liao,1,2 Ya-Hong Liu,1,2 Jian Sun1,2 1National Risk Assessment Laboratory for Antimicrobial Resistance of Animal Original Bacteria, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou

Final Machining of Large-Scale Engine Block with Modularized Fixture and Virtual Manufacturing Technologies

2KOCEL Machinery Limited, Yinchuan, Ningxia 750021, China Correspondence should be addressed to Hong Liu; moc.361@uignolh Received 17 April 2017; Revised 14 August 2017; Accepted 20 September 2017 ... ; Published 3 December 2017 Academic Editor: Jong M. Park Copyright © 2017 Hong Liu et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits

Effective field theory of dissipative fluids

We develop an effective field theory for dissipative fluids which governs the dynamics of long-lived gapless modes associated with conserved quantities. The resulting theory gives a path integral formulation of fluctuating hydrodynamics which systematically incorporates nonlinear interactions of noises. The dynamical variables are mappings between a “fluid spacetime” and the...

Effective field theory of dissipative fluids (II): classical limit, dynamical KMS symmetry and entropy current

In this paper we further develop the fluctuating hydrodynamics proposed in [1] in a number of ways. We first work out in detail the classical limit of the hydrodynamical action, which exhibits many simplifications. In particular, this enables a transparent formulation of the action in physical spacetime in the presence of arbitrary external fields. It also helps to clarify issues...

Adjuvant immunotherapy of dendritic cells and cytokine-induced killer cells is safe and enhances chemotherapy efficacy for multiple myeloma in China: a meta-analysis of clinical trials

h Ke li 3 anqi Zhang 3 hong liu 3 1Department of clinical laboratory, 2Department of Blood Transfusion, 3Department of central laboratory, liaocheng People’s hospital, liaocheng clinical school of

Transcriptomic and metabolomic profiles of Chinese citrus fly, Bactrocera minax (Diptera: Tephritidae), along with pupal development provide insight into diapause program

Liu. Investigation: Jia Wang, Huan Fan, Ke-Cai Xiong. Methodology: Jia Wang, Huan Fan. Project administration: Jia Wang. Resources: Jia Wang, Ying-Hong Liu. Software: Jia Wang. Supervision: Jia ... Wang, Ying-Hong Liu. Validation: Jia Wang, Huan Fan, Ke-Cai Xiong. Visualization: Jia Wang. Writing ± original draft: Jia Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Jia Wang. 16 / 20 17 / 20 Anal Bioanal Chem

MicroRNAs as a novel class of diagnostic biomarkers for the detection of osteosarcoma: a meta-analysis

MicroRNAs as a novel class of diagnostic biomarkers for the detection of osteosarcoma: a meta-analysis Hong Liu,1 Ping Li,2 Liang Chen,1 Chao Jian,1 Zonghuan Li,1 Aixi Yu1 1Department of Orthopedics

What we do and do not know about women and kidney diseases; questions unanswered and answers unquestioned: reflection on World Kidney Day and International Women’s Day

Chronic Kidney Disease affects approximately 10% of the world’s adult population: it is within the top 20 causes of death worldwide, and its impact on patients and their families can be devastating. World Kidney Day and International Women’s Day in 2018 coincide, thus offering an opportunity to reflect on the importance of women’s health and specifically their kidney health, on...

Thermally-assisted photodegradation of lignin by TiO2/H2O2 under visible/near-infrared light irradiation

As a bio-recalcitrant organic pollutant in paper mill effluent, lignin is generally removed by an advanced oxidation process, such as a TiO2/H2O2 photocatalytic technique under irradiation with ultraviolet light, which only accounts for less than 5% of sunlight. Herein, we reported a TiO2/H2O2-based thermally-assisted photocatalytic process that allows lignin to be efficiently...

Is cytomegalovirus infection related to inflammatory bowel disease, especially steroid-resistant inflammatory bowel disease? A meta-analysis

Gong, He Liu, Li-hong Liu Department of Pharmacy, Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China Background: Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection has been

The long noncoding RNA, TINCR, functions as a competing endogenous RNA to regulate PDK1 expression by sponging miR-375 in gastric cancer

The long noncoding RNA, TINCR, functions as a competing endogenous RNA to regulate PDK1 expression by sponging miR-375 in gastric cancer Zhaoliang Chen,1 Hong Liu,1 Huili Yang,1 Yukai Gao,1 Gongwen ... OncoTargets and Therapy The long noncoding rna, Tincr, functions as a competing endogenous rna to regulate PDK1 expression by sponging mir-375 in gastric cancer Zhaoliang chen 1 hong liu 1 huili

High KIF2A expression predicts unfavorable prognosis in diffuse large B cell lymphoma

translational medicine research (TDFzh2014001) from the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, Jiangsu, China. Author contributions Yaping Zhang, Xuefen You, and Hong Liu contributed equally to this paper

Temperature-dependent development and reproduction of rice leaffolder, Marasmia exigua (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Contributions Data curation: Qiu-Ju Liao. Investigation: Jia Wang. Methodology: Ying-Hong Liu. Conceptualization: Ya-Jun Yang, Zhong-Xian Lu, Ying-Hong Liu. Resources: Xiao Pang, Chun-Mei Xu, Cheng-Lin Peng ... . Writing ± original draft: Qiu-Ju Liao. Writing ± review & editing: Ya-Jun Yang, Zhong-Xian Lu, Ying-Hong Liu. 10 / 12 22. Birch LC. The intrinsic rate of natural increase of an insect population. The J

Right ventricular involvement evaluated by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging predicts mortality in patients with light chain amyloidosis

Few studies have focused on right ventricular (RV) involvement in cardiac amyloidosis (CA). We investigated the prognostic value of RV assessment by cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) in CA. In 2011–2014, consecutive patients with suspected CA referred for CMR were retrospectively evaluated. Demographic and baseline clinical characteristics were collected. Healthy volunteers...

Spread of entanglement and causality

We investigate causality constraints on the time evolution of entanglement entropy after a global quench in relativistic theories. We first provide a general proof that the so-called tsunami velocity is bounded by the speed of light. We then generalize the free particle streaming model of [1] to general dimensions and to an arbitrary entanglement pattern of the initial state. In...

Vascular calcification burden of Chinese patients with chronic kidney disease: methodology of a cohort study

, trial staff, and investigators for their participation. Principle investigators at the clinical sites are listed below according to the number of patients in each site: Zhi-Hong Liu from Nanjing General

Impression cytology implicates cell autophagy in aqueous deficiency dry eye

Impression cytology implicates cell autophagy in aqueous deficiency dry eye Tony Lin,1,2,* Richard Filek,3,* Joy M Wang,4 Chong H Wu,4 Hong Liu,2 Cindy ML Hutnik1–3 1Department of Ophthalmology