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Mission-critical monitoring based on surround suppression variational Retinex enhancement for non-uniform illumination images

Zhitao Rao 0 Tingfa Xu 0 Hongqing Wang 0 0 School of Optoelectronics, Image Engineering andVideo Technology Lab, Beijing Institute of Technology , Beijing 100081 , China In this letter, a surround

A duplex, SYBR Green I-based RT-qPCR assay for the simultaneous detection of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus and Cherry green ring mottle virus in peach

Background Co-infections of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (ACLSV) and Cherry green ring mottle virus (CGRMV) in peach is common in China and have resulted in significant yield reductions. A reliable, sensitive and quantitive method is needed to detect and distinguish between ACLSV and CGRMV in peach. Findings We developed a sensitive and specific SYBR Green-I based RT-qPCR for ...

SlNCED1 and SlCYP707A2: key genes involved in ABA metabolism during tomato fruit ripening

Abscisic acid (ABA) plays an important role in fruit development and ripening. Here, three NCED genes encoding 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase (NCED, a key enzyme in the ABA biosynthetic pathway) and three CYP707A genes encoding ABA 8′-hydroxylase (a key enzyme in the oxidative catabolism of ABA) were identified in tomato fruit by tobacco rattle virus-induced gene silencing ...

Discovery of Replicating Circular RNAs by RNA-Seq and Computational Algorithms

Replicating circular RNAs are independent plant pathogens known as viroids, or act to modulate the pathogenesis of plant and animal viruses as their satellite RNAs. The rate of discovery of these subviral pathogens was low over the past 40 years because the classical approaches are technical demanding and time-consuming. We previously described an approach for homology-independent ...

Molecular characterization of grapevine yellow speckle viroid-2 (GYSVd-2)

Grapevine yellow speckle viroid-2 (GYSVd-2) is a viroid found only in grapevines in China and Australia. Here, we report the molecular characterization of GYSVd-2 isolated from three grapevine varieties in China. A total of 90 cDNA clones were sequenced including 30 cDNA clones obtained from each of the Black Olympia, Zaoyu, and Thomson Seedless isolates. Sequencing analysis ...