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A fusion approach based on infrared finger vein transmitting model by using multi-light-intensity imaging

An infrared transmitting model from the observed finger vein images is proposed in this paper by using multi-light-intensity imaging. This model is estimated from many pixels’ values under different intensity light in the same scene. Due to the fusion method could be applied in biometric system, the vein images of finger captured in the system, we proposed in this paper, will be...

A localized fault detection algorithm for mobility management in the strongly t-diagnosable wireless ad hoc network under the comparison model

Among the many kinds of networking technologies, the wireless ad hoc network is an important one for creating high-performance ubiquitous computing systems. The availability of a wireless ad hoc network (WANET) depends highly upon the level of node reliability. System-level fault diagnosis has long been a subject for the purpose of maintaining system reliability. This paper...

Analysis of using the tongue deviation angle as a warning sign of a stroke

Background The symptom of tongue deviation is observed in a stroke or transient ischemic attack. Nevertheless, there is much room for the interpretation of the tongue deviation test. The crucial factor is the lack of an effective quantification method of tongue deviation. If we can quantify the features of the tongue deviation and scientifically verify the relationship between...