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Fingolimod suppresses neuronal autophagy through the mTOR/p70S6K pathway and alleviates ischemic brain damage in mice

Li, Ming-Huan Wang. Formal analysis: Chuan Qin. Funding acquisition: Dai-Shi Tian, Jun-Li Liu. Investigation: Chuan Qin, Wen-Hui Fan. Methodology: Ming-Huan Wang, Chuan Qin, Wen-Hui Fan. Project ... administration: Dai-Shi Tian, Jun-Li Liu. Software: Chuan Qin. Supervision: Jun-Li Liu. Validation: Chuan Qin, Wen-Hui Fan. Visualization: Wen-Hui Fan. Writing ± original draft: Xiao Li, Ming-Huan Wang

A robust estimator of parameters for \( {\mathcal{G}}_I^0 \) -modeled SAR imagery based on random weighting method

perform the analysis with constructive discussions and revised the manuscript; X-BW and H-XX approved the final version. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Authors’ information Cui-Huan ... Wang received the B.S. degree in Communication Engineering from North College of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Hebei, China, in 2014. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in

Selection and evaluation of new reference genes for RT-qPCR analysis in Epinephelus akaara based on transcriptome data

Groupers are an economically important fish species in world fishery markets. Because many studies using RT-qPCR have addressed gene expression in groupers, appropriate reference genes are required to obtain reliable and accurate results. In this study, the most suitable reference genes were identified from eleven candidate genes of one of the most valuable species, Epinephelus ...

ClC-3 chloride channel mediates the role of parathyroid hormone [1-34] on osteogenic differentiation of osteoblasts

Introduction Different concentrations of parathyroid hormone [1–34] (PTH [1–34]) can have totally opposite effects on osteoblasts. Intermittent stimulation with PTH can significantly increase bone mineral density in vitro, mainly through the protein kinase A (PKA) signaling pathway, which phosphorylates runt-related transcription factor 2 (Runx2). The ClC-3 chloride channel, an ...

Melting of Pb Nanocrystals Embedded in Al, Si, and Cu Matrices

Dispersions of nanoscale Pb particles embedded in Si, Al, and Cu matrices have been synthesized by ion implantation and subsequent annealing. The melting transitions of the embedded Pb nanocrystals with epitaxial particle/matrix interfaces were investigated by means of in situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction. Due to different levels of lattice mismatch, the Pb nanoprecipitates ...

Minimal Estrada Indices of the Trees with a Perfect Matching

/ela Part of the Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics Commons Recommended Citation - CHUN-XIANG ZHAI† AND WEN-HUAN WANG† AMS subject classifications. 05C05, 05C35. 1. Introduction. Let G be a

AtPID: a genome-scale resource for genotype–phenotype associations in Arabidopsis

AtPID (Arabidopsis thaliana Protein Interactome Database, available at is an integrated database resource for protein interaction network and functional annotation. In the past few years, we collected 5564 mutants with significant morphological alterations and manually curated them to 167 plant ontology (PO) morphology categories. These ...

Graph energy change due to any single edge deletion

Citation - Article 6 Follow this and additional works at: WEN-HUAN WANG† AND WASIN SO‡ AMS subject classifications. graph energy change, cycle, path This paper is dedicated

A note on the optimality condition for a bilevel programming

The equality type Mordukhovich coderivative rule for a solution mapping to a second-order cone constrained parametric variational inequality is derived under the constraint nondegenerate condition, which improves the result published recently. The rule established is then applied to deriving a necessary and sufficient local optimality condition for a bilevel programming with a ...

Rapid growth of angle-confined large-domain graphene bicrystals

In the chemical vapor deposition growth of large-area graphene polycrystalline thin films, the coalescence of randomly oriented graphene domains results in a high density of uncertain grain boundaries (GBs). The structures and properties of various GBs are highly dependent on the misorientation angles between the graphene domains, which can significantly affect the performance of ...

Reply to the commentary entitled “Environmental estrogens have an impact on the ERs and their signaling in ER responsive tissues and organs” by Xu-Guang Guo

Wang: Project development 1 Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Wuhan University School of Basic Medical Sciences, Wuhan University , Wuhan 430071, Hubei , People's Republic of China 2 Department of

Size evolution of ion beam synthesized Pb nanoparticles in Al

The size evolution of Pb nanoparticles (NPs) synthesized by ion implantation in an epitaxial Al film has been experimentally investigated. The average radius R of Pb NPs was determined as a function of implantation fluence f. The R(f) data were analyzed using various growth models. Our observations suggest that the size evolution of Pb NPs is controlled by the diffusion-limited ...

A new conservative nonlinear high-order compact finite difference scheme for the general Rosenau-RLW equation

In this paper, a new conservative high-order compact finite difference scheme is studied for the initial-boundary value problem of the generalized Rosenau-regularized long wave equation. We design new conservative nonlinear fourth-order compact finite difference schemes. It is proved by the discrete energy method that the compact scheme is uniquely solvable; we have the energy ...

Feasibility and optimization of aerogel glazing system for building energy efficiency in different climates

Aerogel glazing system has become a promising energy-efficient window glass owing to its extremely low thermal conductivity and high visual transmittance. Two newly developed aerogel glazing systems (viz. #4 and #5) and three common glazing systems (viz. clear glass #1 and insulating glass #2 and #3) are investigated on the component heating and cooling load of a model building to ...

Big effects of small RNAs on legume root biotic interactions

Comprehensive profiling of microRNAs (miRNAs) from the legume Medicago truncatula reveals the organization of miRNA-based regulatory modules in root biotic interactions.

Increased migraine risk in osteoporosis patients: a nationwide population-based study

Background Osteoporosis and migraine are both important public health problems and may have overlapping pathophysiological mechanisms. The aim of this study was to use a Taiwanese population-based dataset to assess migraine risk in osteoporosis patients. Methods The Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database was used to analyse data for 40,672 patients aged ≥20 years who ...

Epithelia-derived wingless regulates dendrite directional growth of drosophila ddaE neuron through the Fz-Fmi-Dsh-Rac1 pathway

Background Proper dendrite patterning is critical for the receiving and processing of information in the nervous system. Cell-autonomous molecules have been extensively studied in dendrite morphogenesis; however, the regulatory mechanisms of environmental factors in dendrite growth remain to be elucidated. Results By evaluating the angle between two primary dendrites (PD-Angle), we ...

Elevated expression of Nodal and YAP1 is associated with poor prognosis of gastric adenocarcinoma

, including performing experiments, interpreting data, and drafting the manuscript. Xiaoting Li and Yingjian were responsible for the statistical analyses. Wenhui Li, Jing Zhao, Ying Wang, and Huan Wang were