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Polymethylmethacrylate distribution is associated with recompression after vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty for osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures: A retrospective study

, Genai Zhang, Lixiang Ding, Hui Huang. Formal analysis: Yu Hou, Lixiang Ding. Funding acquisition: Yu Hou, Qi Yao. Investigation: Yu Hou, Genai Zhang, Lixiang Ding. Methodology: Yu Hou, Genai Zhang ... , Lixiang Ding, Hui Huang. Project administration: Yu Hou, Genai Zhang. 9 / 11 Resources: Yu Hou, Qi Yao, Genai Zhang, Lixiang Ding. Software: Yu Hou, Qi Yao. Supervision: Qi Yao, Genai Zhang, Lixiang

Prederivatives of gamma paraconvex set-valued maps and Pareto optimality conditions for set optimization problems

Prederivatives play an important role in the research of set optimization problems. First, we establish several existence theorems of prederivatives for γ-paraconvex set-valued mappings in Banach spaces with γ > 0 $\gamma>0$ . Then, in terms of prederivatives, we establish both necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of Pareto minimal solution of set optimization...

Biochemical characterization of Borrelia burgdorferi’s RecA protein

Contributions Conceptualization: Kerri Kobryn. Data curation: Shu Hui Huang, Madison A. Hart, Kerri Kobryn. Formal analysis: Shu Hui Huang, Madison A. Hart, Kerri Kobryn. Funding acquisition: Kerri Kobryn ... . Methodology: Shu Hui Huang, Madison A. Hart, Matthew Wade, McKayla R. Cozart, Siobhan L. McGrath. Supervision: Kerri Kobryn. Writing ± original draft: Kerri Kobryn. 19 / 22 20 / 22 21 / 22 1. Clark AJ

The earlier, the better: the effects of different administration timepoints of sorafenib in suppressing the carcinogenesis of VEGF in rats

Sun Yat-sen University , 58th Zhongshan Road II, Guangzhou 510080 , People's Republic of China 2 Yong-hui Huang Purpose To investigate the optimal starting time point of sorafenib therapy in

Knowledge Reasoning Based on Neural Tensor Network

Knowledge base (KBs) is a very important part of applications such as Q&A system, but the knowledge base is always faced with incompleteness and the lack of inter-entity relationships. Knowledge reasoning is an important part of the construction of knowledge base, and is intended to find a way to supplement these missing relationships. This paper attempts to explore the model...

Systematic evaluation of a targeted gene capture sequencing panel for molecular diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa

, Hui Liu. Funding acquisition: Yang Li. Investigation: Hui Huang, Yingping Huang, Ning Fan. Methodology: Xuyang Liu, Meiyan Chen. Project administration: Huishuang Chen. Resources: Deng Te

3D v P and v S models of southeastern margin of the Tibetan plateau from joint inversion of body-wave arrival times and surface-wave dispersion data

A new 3D velocity model of the crust and upper mantle in the southeastern (SE) margin of the Tibetan plateau was obtained by joint inversion of body- and surface-wave data. For the body-wave data, we used 7190 events recorded by 102 stations in the SE margin of the Tibetan plateau. The surface-wave data consist of Rayleigh wave phase velocity dispersion curves obtained from...

Integrable open spin chains from flavored ABJM theory

We compute the two-loop anomalous dimension matrix in the scalar sector of planar \( \mathcal{N}=3 \) flavored ABJM theory. Using coordinate Bethe ansatz, we obtain the reflection matrices and confirm that the boundary Yang-Baxter equations are satisfied. This establishes the integrability of this theory in the scalar sector at the two-loop order.

The Borrelia burgdorferi telomere resolvase, ResT, anneals ssDNA complexed with its cognate ssDNA-binding protein

Spirochetes of the genus Borrelia possess unusual genomes that consist in a linear chromosome and multiple linear and circular plasmids. The linear replicons are terminated by covalently closed hairpin ends, referred to as hairpin telomeres. The hairpin telomeres represent a simple solution to the end-replication problem. Deoxyribonucleic acid replication initiates internally and...

Y-system for γ-deformed ABJM theory

We investigate the integrable aspects of the planar γ-deformed ABJM theory and propose the twisted asymptotic Bethe ansatz equations. A more general method through a twisted generating functional is discussed, based on which, the asymptotic large L solution of Y-system is modified in order to match the asymptotic Bethe ansatz equations. Several applications of our method in the...

Immune-modulatory genomic properties differentiate gut microbiota of infants with and without eczema

Liu, Bee Wah Lee. Resources: Marion M. Aw, Lynette Pei-Chi Shek, Wen-Tso Liu, Bee Wah Lee. Writing ± original draft: Seungdae Oh, Chiung-Hui Huang. Writing ± review & editing: Bee Wah Lee. 13 / 16 14

Immunological Evidence for the Role of Mycobacteria in Sarcoidosis: A Meta-Analysis

antigens. No language or geographic restrictions were imposed on identified studies. Data abstraction and Quality Assessment Paired reviewers (Chuling Fang and Hui Huang) independently evaluated studies

Superradiantly stable non-extremal Reissner–Nordström black holes

The superradiant stability is investigated for non-extremal Reissner–Nordström black holes. We use an algebraic method to demonstrate that all non-extremal Reissner–Nordström black holes are superradiantly stable against a charged massive scalar perturbation. This improves the results obtained before for non-extremal Reissner–Nordström black holes.

Clinical Characteristics of Malignant Melanoma in Southwest China: A Single-Center Series of 82 Consecutive Cases and a Meta-Analysis of 958 Reported Cases

Purpose The present study determined the clinical characteristics and prognostic factors in patients with malignant melanoma based on a series of 82 cases from January 2009 to December 2014 in Southwest Hospital and a meta-analysis (including 12 articles) involving 958 patients in China. Materials and methods The database elements included basic demographic data and...

Feature Selection and Cancer Classification via Sparse Logistic Regression with the Hybrid L1/2 +2 Regularization

Cancer classification and feature (gene) selection plays an important role in knowledge discovery in genomic data. Although logistic regression is one of the most popular classification methods, it does not induce feature selection. In this paper, we presented a new hybrid L1/2 +2 regularization (HLR) function, a linear combination of L1/2 and L2 penalties, to select the relevant...

Rifampicin-Induced Hepatic Lipid Accumulation: Association with Up-Regulation of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ in Mouse Liver

Previous study found that rifampicin caused intrahepatic cholestasis. This study investigated the effects of rifampicin on hepatic lipid metabolism. Mice were orally administered with rifampicin (200 mg/kg) daily for different periods. Results showed that serum TG level was progressively reduced after a short elevation. By contrast, hepatic TG content was markedly increased in...

Integrability of orbifold ABJM theories

Integrable structure has played a very important role in the study of various non-perturbative aspects of planar Aharony-Bergman-Jafferis-Maldacena (ABJM) theories. In this paper, we showed that this remarkable structure survives after orbifold operation with discrete group Γ < SU(4) R × U(1) b . For general Γ(≃ ℤ n ), we prove the integrability in the scalar sector at the planar...

Relationship of the CreBC two-component regulatory system and inner membrane protein CreD with swimming motility in Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

The CreBC two-component system (TCS) is a conserved regulatory system found in Escherichia coli, Aeromonas spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. In this study, we determined how CreBC TCS regulates secreted protease activities and swimming motility using creB, creC, and creBC in-frame deletion mutants (KJΔCreB, KJΔCreC, and KJΔBC) of S. maltophilia KJ...

Effectiveness of diffusion tensor imaging in differentiating early-stage subcortical ischemic vascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and normal ageing

Objective To describe and compare diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) parameters between patients with subcortical ischemic vascular disease (SIVD) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) diagnosed using structuralized neuropsychiatric assessments, and investigate potential neuronal substrates related to cognitive performance. Methods Thirty-five patients with SIVD, 40 patients with AD, and 33...