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Robot development project with human- and eco-friendly smart materials

The social need for robotic technology is rapidly increasing to prepare for the aging society in Japan. Many political action plans concerning Japan’s robot strategy have been proposed and carried out nationwide. This project focused on the social implementation of life support robots and developing corresponding robotic technology. The project’s participants were mainly selected...

Biped walking robots created at Waseda University: WL and WABIAN family

This paper proposes the mechanism and control of the biped humanoid robots WABIAN-RIV and WL-16. WABIAN-RIV has 43 mechanical degrees of freedom (d.f.): 6 d.f. in each leg, 7 d.f. in each arm, 3 d.f. in each hand, 2 d.f. in each eye, 4 d.f. in the neck and 3 d.f. in the waist. Its height is about 1.89 m and its total weight is 127 kg. It has a vision system and a voice...

Locomotion pattern generation and mechanisms of a new biped walking machine

This paper describes the mechanism of a 16 d.f. biped walking machine, Waseda biped humanoid robot-2 lower limb (WABIAN-2LL), which has two 7 d.f. legs and a 2 d.f. waist actuated by DC servo motors with reduction gears. WABIAN-2LL is designed with large movable angle ranges like those of a human. Its height and weight are 1200 mm and 40 kg, respectively. It is able to walk with...