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Ultrasonically assisted synthesis of lead oxide nanoflowers using ball milling

The experimental results on the ultrasonically assisted synthesis of lead oxide nanoflowers using ball milling have been reported in the present work. Lead oxide nanoflowers were prepared employing mixed ligands by subjecting the formed precipitate to ultrasonication and grinding/ball milling. The effect of ball milling as well as fine grinding in agate mortar on the...

Barium Titanate Nanoparticles Formed by Chlorine-Free Ambient Condition Sol Process Using Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide

Barium titanate (BaTiO3: BTO) nanoparticles (NPs) were synthesized by chlorine-free ambient condition sol (ACS) process using heat reflux at low temperature of 90°C. The size distribution and morphology of BTO NPs were investigated by varying the concentration of tetrabutylammonium hydroxide (TBAH). The crystalline size of BTO NPs was decreased with increasing the amount of TBAH...

Band Structure Analysis of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Perovskite Manganite Using a Synchrotron

, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-749, Republic of Korea Received 24 March 2015; Accepted 28 April 2015 Academic Editor: Veer P. S. Awana Copyright © 2015 Hong-Sub Lee and Hyung-Ho Park. This is an open access

Nanomaterials for Thermoelectrics

Received 15 December 2013; Accepted 15 December 2013; Published 19 January 2014 Copyright © 2014 Hyung-Ho Park et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution ... . Acknowledgments The editors gratefully thank the authors for their contributions to this special issue and the reviewers for their constructive comments and dedication. Hyung-Ho Park Won-Seon Seo Jin-Sang Kim Chan

Thermoelectric Properties of Al-Doped Mesoporous ZnO Thin Films

Al-doped mesoporous ZnO thin films were synthesized by a sol-gel process and an evaporation-induced self-assembly process. In this work, the effects of Al doping concentration on the electrical conductivity and characterization of mesoporous ZnO thin films were investigated. By changing the Al doping concentration, ZnO grain growth is inhibited, and the mesoporous structure of...

Pore Structure Control of Ordered Mesoporous Silica Film Using Mixed Surfactants

Materials with nanosized and well-arranged pores have been researched actively in order to be applied to new technology fields. Especially, mesoporous material containing various pore structures is expected to have different pore structure. To form a mixed pore structure, ordered mesoporous silica films were prepared with a mixture of surfactant; Brij-76 and P-123 block copolymer...

Effect of deposition temperature on dielectric properties of PECVD Ta2O5 thin film

Tantalum oxide film formation by plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) using TaCl5 as a source material was examined. The effects of deposition temperature on the formation, structure and electric properties of the Ta2O5 film were investigated for Al/Ta2O5/ p-Si (MTS) capacitors. The deposition rate and refractive index increased with increasing deposition...