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Binaural localization of musical pitch using interaural time differences in congenital amusia

: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen. Data curation: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen, Jia-Wei Liu. Formal analysis: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen, Jia-Wei Liu. Funding acquisition: I-Hui Hsieh. Investigation: I-Hui ... Hsieh. Methodology: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen. Project administration: I-Hui Hsieh. Resources: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen, Jia-Wei Liu. Software: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen, Jia-Wei Liu. 14 / 17

Imperfect pitch: Gabor’s uncertainty principle and the pitch of extremely brief sounds

How brief must a sound be before its pitch is no longer perceived? The uncertainty tradeoff between temporal and spectral resolution (Gabor’s principle) limits the minimum duration required for accurate pitch identification or discrimination. Prior studies have reported that pitch can be extracted from sinusoidal pulses as brief as half a cycle. This finding has been used in a...

Velocity Selective Networks in Human Cortex Reveal Two Functionally Distinct Auditory Motion Systems

The auditory system encounters motion cues through an acoustic object’s movement or rotation of the listener’s head in a stationary sound field, generating a wide range of naturally occurring velocities from a few to several hundred degrees per second. The angular velocity of moving acoustic objects relative to a listener is typically slow and does not exceed tens of degrees per...

Detection of spatial cues in linear and logarithmic frequency-modulated sweeps

R01DC009659. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to I-Hui Hsieh, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, National Central University, Jhongli City, Taoyuan County 32001, Taiwan (e-mail: ). 1

Hierarchical Organization of Human Auditory Cortex: Evidence from Acoustic Invariance in the Response to Intelligible Speech

Hierarchical organization of human auditory cortex has been inferred from functional imaging observations that core regions respond to simple stimuli (tones) whereas downstream regions are selectively responsive to more complex stimuli (band-pass noise, speech). It is assumed that core regions code low-level features, which are combined at higher levels in the auditory system to...