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Paradox response of cornea to different color intensities of visible light: An experimental study

. Gareeb. Methodology: Sherif S. Mahmoud, Ibrahim H. Ibrahim, Abdel Sattar M. Sallam, Wafaa A. Gareeb. Project administration: Sherif S. Mahmoud. Supervision: Sherif S. Mahmoud, Ibrahim H. Ibrahim, Abdel

Solid fermentation of wheat bran for hydrolytic enzymes production and saccharification content by a local isolate Bacillus megatherium

Back ground For enzyme production, the costs of solid state fermentation (SSF) techniques were lower and the production higher than submerged cultures. A large number of fungal species was known to grow well on moist substrates, whereas many bacteria were unable to grow under this condition. Therefore, the aim of this study was to isolate a highly efficient strain of Bacillus sp...