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F18-choline PET/CT guided surgery in primary hyperparathyroidism when ultrasound and MIBI SPECT/CT are negative or inconclusive: the APACH1 study

Purpose To evaluate the sensitivity of F18-choline (FCH) PET/CT for parathyroid adenoma detection prior to surgery in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism and negative or inconclusive cervical ultrasound and Tc99m-sestaMIBI SPECT/CT. Methods We conducted a prospective bicentric study (NCT02432599). All patients underwent FCH PET/CT. The result was scored positive...

Smoking and risk of ovarian cancer by histological subtypes: an analysis among 300 000 Norwegian women

Background:We prospectively investigated the association between different measures of smoking exposure and the risk of serous, mucinous, and endometrioid ovarian cancers (OC) in a cohort of more than 300 000 Norwegian women.Methods:We followed 300 398 women aged 19–67 years at enrolment until 31 December 2013 for OC incidence through linkage to national registries. We used Cox...

Prescribed therapy for asthma: therapeutic ratios and outcomes

. Then, conclusions only encourage a more regular use of controller in asthma, as fostered by international guidelines. Laurent Laforest, Idlir Licaj, Grard Chatt, Pascal Caillet, Irene Eriksson, Manon

Reliability of Serum Metabolites over a Two-Year Period: A Targeted Metabolomic Approach in Fasting and Non-Fasting Samples from EPIC

Objective Although metabolic profiles have been associated with chronic disease risk, lack of temporal stability of metabolite levels could limit their use in epidemiological investigations. The present study aims to evaluate the reliability over a two-year period of 158 metabolites and compare reliability over time in fasting and non-fasting serum samples. Methods Metabolites...