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Climate and air pollution impacts on habitat suitability of Austrian forest ecosystems

, Ika Djukic, Barbara Kitzler, Johannes Kobler, Max Posch, Gert Jan Reinds, Angela Schlutow, Franz Starlinger. Formal analysis: Thomas DirnboÈck. Funding acquisition: Thomas DirnboÈck. 12 / 16

Contribution of carbonate weathering to the CO2 efflux from temperate forest soils

Temperate forests provide favorable conditions for carbonate bedrock weathering as the soil CO2 partial pressure is high and soil water is regularly available. As a result of weathering, abiotic CO2 can be released and contribute to the soil CO2 efflux. We used the distinct isotopic signature of the abiotic CO2 to estimate its contribution to the total soil CO2 efflux. Soil cores...