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Maternal cardiovascular and endothelial function from first trimester to postpartum

Lackner. Data curation: Vassiliki Kolovetsiou-Kreiner, Manfred Georg Moertl, Dietmar Schlembach, Helmut Karl Lackner. Formal analysis: Ilona Papousek, Helmut Karl Lackner. Funding acquisition: Manfred ... Georg Moertl, Helmut Karl Lackner. Investigation: Vassiliki Kolovetsiou-Kreiner, Dietmar Schlembach, Mila Cervar-Zivkovic. Methodology: Manfred Georg Moertl, Ilona Papousek, Helmut Karl Lackner. Project

Heart rate variability and baroreceptor reflex sensitivity in early- versus late-onset preeclampsia

Lackner, Ilona Papousek, Miha Lucovnik, Karin Schmid Zalaudek. Funding acquisition: Uwe Lang, Manfred Georg Moertl. Investigation: Andreas Roessler, Ilona Papousek, Vassiliki Kolovetsiou-Kreiner ... . Methodology: Thomas Michael Weber, Helmut Karl Lackner. Project administration: Manfred Georg Moertl. Software: Helmut Karl Lackner. Supervision: Ilona Papousek, Vassiliki Kolovetsiou-Kreiner. Validation

Age-related differences in inhibitory control and memory updating in boys with Asperger syndrome

Deficits in specific executive domains are highly prevalent in autism spectrum disorder; however, age-related improvements in executive functions (reflecting prefrontal maturational changes) have been reported even in individuals diagnosed with autism. The current study examined two components of cognitive flexibility (inhibition of prepotent responses and memory monitoring...

Creative ways to well-being: Reappraisal inventiveness in the context of anger-evoking situations

Neuroscientific studies in the field of creativity mainly focused on tasks drawing on basic verbal divergent thinking demands. This study took a step further by investigating brain mechanisms in response to other types of creative behavior, involving more “real-life” creativity demands in the context of emotion regulation and well-being. Specifically, functional patterns of EEG...

The capacity for generating cognitive reappraisals is reflected in asymmetric activation of frontal brain regions

Psychology, University of Greifswald , Greifswald , Germany 2 Department of Psychology, Biological Psychology Unit, University of Graz , Graz , Austria 3 Ilona Papousek Encouraging patients to use cognitive ... Science Fund (FWF): P 27750. Compliance with ethical standards Conflict of interest Ilona Papousek, Elisabeth M. Weiss, Corinna M. Perchtold, Hannelore Weber, Vera Loureiro de Assunção, Günter Schulter

Influences of COMT and 5-HTTLPR Polymorphisms on Cognitive Flexibility in Healthy Women: Inhibition of Prepotent Responses and Memory Updating

Understanding genetic factors that affect monoamine neurotransmitters flux in prefrontal cortex may help to further specify the complex neurobiological processes that underlie cognitive function and dysfunction in health and illness. The current study examined the associations between the polymorphisms of dopaminergic (COMT Met158Val) and serotoninergic (5-HTTLPR) genes and the...

A computer program for testing and analyzing random generation behavior in normal and clinical samples: The Mittenecker Pointing Test

GNTER SCHULTER 0 ERICH MITTENECKER 0 ILONA PAPOUSEK 0 0 Karl-Franzens-University of Graz , Graz, Austria Random sequence generation tests have proved to be a useful diagnostic tool for the

Potential Markers of Aggressive Behavior: The Fear of Other Persons' Laughter and Its Overlaps with Mental Disorders

Ilona Papousek 0 Allan Siegel, University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ - New Jersey Medical School, United States of America 0 Department of Psychology, Biological Psychology Unit, Karl-Franzens

Phase Synchronization of Hemodynamic Variables at Rest and after Deep Breathing Measured during the Course of Pregnancy

Background The autonomic nervous system plays a central role in the functioning of systems critical for the homeostasis maintenance. However, its role in the cardiovascular adaptation to pregnancy-related demands is poorly understood. We explored the maternal cardiovascular systems throughout pregnancy to quantify pregnancy-related autonomic nervous system adaptations...