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Resolving the Democratic Dilemma?

: COMMUNICATION AND PERSUASION IN PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS (1991). 10 See ANTHONY DOWNS, AN ECONOMIC THEORY OF DEMOCRACY ch. 13 (1957). 11 This is one of the themes of my own recent work. See Ilya Somin, Voter

Voter Knowledge And Constitutional Change: Assessing The New Deal Experience

By Ilya Somin, Published on 12/01/03 ... Experience, 45 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 595 (2003), - Article 5 VOTER KNOWLEDGE AND CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE: ASSESSING THE NEW DEAL EXPERIENCE ILYA SOMIN

Jury Ignorance and Political Ignorance

-56 (2008). 122. For discussion of these differences, see Ilya Somin, Book Review, 119 ETHICS 585, 58990 (2009) (reviewing JOSIAH OBER, DEMOCRACY AND KNOWLEDGE: INNOVATION AND LEARNING IN CLASSICAL ... & THE PRESS (Nov. 18 , 2010 ), pdf/677.pdf. 11 . Ilya Somin , When Ignorance Isn't Bliss : How Political Ignorance Threatens Democracy, CATO INSTITUTE: POLICY ANALYSIS 1

Let There Be Blight: Blight Condemnations in New York After Goldstein and Kaur

Choi, Eric Facer, and Desiree Mowry for providing valuable research assistance. Ilya Somin* INTRODUCTION The New York Court of Appeals’ two recent blight condemnation decisions are the most widely ... ...........................................................................1217 Conclusion ...............................................................................................1218 1 . 545 U.S. 469 ( 2005 ). For my critique of Kelo, see Ilya Somin, Controlling the

Democracy, Foot Voting, and the Case for Limiting Federal Power

By Ilya Somin, Published on 02/01/15 ... VOTING, AND THE CASE FOR LIMITING FEDERAL POWER Ilya Somin* I. INTRODUCTION I would like to start by thanking the University of Montana School of Law and the Montana Law Review for organizing this

Democracy and International Human Rights Law

By John O. McGinnis and Ilya Somin, Published on 04/01/09 ... article,' most international law is made through highly undemocratic procedures.2 These processes lack the advantages of democratic processes, and have few, if any, off 1 John 0. McGinnis & Ilya Somin

Democracy, Political Ignorance, and Constitutional Reform

DEMOCRACY POLITICAL IGNORANCE CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM In this Debate, Professors Ilya Somin and Sanford Levinson discuss the constitutional implications of a federal government whose “size, scope, and ... Justices, Professor Levinson contends that our Constitution can be adapted to take significant steps toward achieving a “more perfect Union.” OPENING STATEMENT Ilya Somin† In Federalist No. 62, James

Taking Dissenting by Deciding All the Way Down

the federal 5. I develop these arguments in greater detail in Ilya Somin, Foot Voting, Federalism,andPoliticalFreedom, NoMos (forthcoming) (manuscript at 11-12), availableat ... , PoliticalIgnorance,supranote 4, at 215-16. 43. Somin, PoliticalIgnorance,supra note 4, at 218. 44. See ILYA SOMIN, DEMOCRACY AND POLITICAL IGNORANCE (Stanford Univ. Press, forthcoming, ch. 5 (on file with author

A Mandate for Mandates: Is the Individual Health Insurance Case a Slippery Slope?

A MANDATE FOR MANDATES: IS THE INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE CASE A SLIPPERY SLOPE? ILYA SOMIN I - 76 who eat healthier tend to be healthier, and . . . put less of a strain on the health care ... 45, at 66. 83. See John O. McGinnis & Ilya Somin, Federalism vs. States’ Rights: The Case for Judicial Review in a Federal System, 99 NW. U. L. REV. 89 (2004) and literature cited therein. 84. See

Federalism and Property Rights

By Ilya Somin, Published on 12/07/15 ... to Hills's argument, see Ilya Somin, FederalismandJudicialEnforcementofConstitutionalPropertyRights, Volokh Conspiracy (June 20, 2010), online at /2010/06/20/federalism-and-judicial

Stop the Beach Renourishment and the Problem of Judicial Takings

DUKE JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW & PUBLIC POLICY STOP THE BEACH RENOURISHMENT AND THE PROBLEM OF JUDICIAL TAKINGS ILYA SOMIN 0 0 Associate Professor, George Mason University School of Law. For ... . STAT. ANN. §§ 161 . 011 - 161 .242 ( West 2010 ). 9. Ilya Somin , Does Denying Property Owners Ownership Rights to Land Up to the Water Line Amount to a “Judicial Taking”? ABA PREVIEW U.S. SUP . CT. CAS

Is Textualism Doomed?

By Ilya Somin, Published on 01/01/10 ... In response to Jonathan R. Siegel, The Inexorable Radicalization of Tex- tualism, 158 U. PA. L. REV. 117 (2009). ILYA SOMIN 0 0 Associate Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law 1 Id

The Politics of Economic Development Takings

suggestions. 1 545 U.S. 469 (2005). For my analysis and critique of Kelo's holding, see Ilya Somin, Controllingthe GraspingHand: Economic Development TakingsAfter Kelo, 15 SuP. CT. ECON. REV. 183, 224-33 (2007 ... ) [hereinafter Somin, GraspingHand]. 2 Kelo, 545 U.S. at 473-84. 3 For a survey of these laws, see Ilya Somin, The Limits of Backlash: Assessing the Political Response to Kelo, MINN. L. REV. (forthcoming 2009

The Green Costs of Kelo: Economic Development Takings and Environmental Protection

Reform?, 2006 MICH. ST. L. REV. 709 (2006) (showing that eminent domain reform efforts face serious obstacles); Ilya Somin, Controlling the Grasping Hand: Economic Development Takings after Kelo, 15 SUP ... , Controlling] (discussing early post-Kelo reforms); Ilya Somin, The Limits of Backlash: Assessing the Political Response to Kelo (Geo. Mason Univ. Law & Econ., Research Paper No. 7-14, 2007), available at http