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Intracranial hypertension and optic nerve sheath fenestration

single centre P A K I S T A N J O U R N A L O F N E U R O L O G I C A L S C I E N C E S Author’s contribution: Irfan Jeeva; Study concept and design, protocol writing, data collection, data analysis


SENSITIVITY AND COLOUR VISION MEASUREMENTS USEFUL IN MONITORING OPTIC PATHWAY LOW GRADE GLIOMA Irfan Jeeva, Olywn Nelson, Danielle Guy, Alisha Damani, Devina Gogi, Susan Picton, and Ian Simmons; Leeds Teaching ... acuity, however, in patients with reduced vision contrast sensitivity may be helpful. LG-28. DOES SITE OF OPTIC PATHWAY LOW GRADE GLIOMA AFFECT OPTIC NERVE FUNCTION Irfan Jeeva, Susan Picton, Danielle Guy


response and survival. RTU-21. UNUSUAL PRESENTATION OF JUVENILE XANTHOGRANULOMA; A CASE SERIES Irfan Jeeva, Bernard Chang, Vernon Long, Susan Picton, David Burton, Shiela Clark, Chung Kwok, Bataung Mokete