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Doxorubicin-provoked increase of mitotic activity and concomitant drain of G0-pool in therapy-resistant BE(2)-C neuroblastoma

for scientific advice. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Isabell Hultman, Lars AÈ hrlund-Richter. Investigation: Isabell Hultman, Linnea Haeggblom, Ingvild Rognmo, Josefin Jansson Edqvist ... , Evelina Blomberg, Lottie Phillips, Shahrzad Shirazi Fard. Methodology: Isabell Hultman, Shahrzad Shirazi Fard. Resources: Rouknuddin Ali. Software: Josefin Jansson Edqvist. Supervision: Per Kogner, Lars

Characterization of Stem-Like Cells in Mucoepidermoid Tracheal Paediatric Tumor

Stem cells contribute to regeneration of tissues and organs. Cells with stem cell-like properties have been identified in tumors from a variety of origins, but to our knowledge there are yet no reports on tumor-related stem cells in the human upper respiratory tract. In the present study, we show that a tracheal mucoepidermoid tumor biopsy obtained from a 6 year-old patient...