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Parametric Imaging of [11C]Flumazenil Binding in the Rat Brain

Purpose This study evaluates the performance of several parametric methods for assessing [11C]flumazenil binding distribution in the rat brain. Procedures Dynamic (60 min) positron emission tomography data with metabolite-corrected plasma input function were retrospectively analyzed (male Wistar rats, n = 10). Distribution volume (V T) images were generated from basis function...

Pharmacokinetic modeling of [11C]flumazenil kinetics in the rat brain

Background Preferred models for the pharmacokinetic analysis of [11C]flumazenil human studies have been previously established. However, direct translation of these models and settings to animal studies might be sub-optimal. Therefore, this study evaluates pharmacokinetic models for the quantification of [11C]flumazenil binding in the rat brain. Dynamic (60 min) [11C]flumazenil...