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Constraining sterile neutrinos using reactor neutrino experiments

Models of neutrino mixing involving one or more sterile neutrinos have resurrected their importance in the light of recent cosmological data. In this case, reactor antineutrino experiments offer an ideal place to look for signatures of sterile neutrinos due to their impact on neutrino flavor transitions. In this work, we show that the high-precision data of the Daya Bay...

Generalised geometrical CP violation in a T ′ lepton flavour model

We analyse the interplay of generalised CP transformations and the non-Abelian discrete group T ′ and use the semi-direct product G f = T ′ ⋊H CP, as family symmetry acting in the lepton sector. The family symmetry is shown to be spontaneously broken in a geometrical manner. In the resulting flavour model, naturally small Majorana neutrino masses for the light active neutrinos...