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Diagnostic efficacy of smear cytology and Robinson’s cytological grading of canine mammary tumors with respect to histopathology, cytomorphometry, metastases and overall survival

, pp 110. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Izabella Dolka. Data curation: Izabella Dolka. Formal analysis: Izabella Dolka, Michaø Czopowicz. Funding acquisition: Izabella Dolka ... . Investigation: Izabella Dolka, Anna Gruk-Jurka, Agata Wojtkowska. Project administration: Izabella Dolka. Resources: Izabella Dolka, Michaø Czopowicz, Anna Gruk-Jurka, Agata Wojtkowska, Rafaø Sapierzyński

The response of mute swans (Cygnus olor, Gm. 1789) to vaccination against avian influenza with an inactivated H5N2 vaccine

Background Recent epidemics of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) produced an unprecedented number of cases in mute swans (Cygnus olor) in European countries, which indicates that these birds are very sensitive to the H5N1 virus. The HPAI outbreaks stirred a debate on the controversial stamping-out policy in populations of protected bird species. After preventive...

Histomonosis - an existing problem in chicken flocks in Poland

Histomonosis (histomoniasis, blackhead), beside coccidiosis, belongs to the most important parasitic protozoan diseases in poultry. So far Histomonas meleagridis infections with varied mortality rates have been mainly diagnosed in young turkeys. Recently an increasing number of cases have been reported in chicken flocks in Europe resulting in economic losses. It is thought that...

Changes in Ovaries and Uterus after Aglepristone Administration in the Third Week of Luteal Phase of Non-Pregnant Bitches

Objective The mechanism of aglepristone action in the placentation time in the bitch remains unclear. The aim of this study was to describe the mechanism by which aglepristone influences ovaries and uterus and to measure the levels of steroid sex hormones in non-pregnant bitches. Materials and Methods Fourteen bitches assigned to a study (n=9) and control (n=5) group were given...

Retrospective study and immunohistochemical analysis of canine mammary sarcomas

Izabella Dolka 0 Rafa Sapierzyski 0 Magdalena Krl 1 0 Department of Pathology and Veterinary Diagnostics, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw University of Life Sciences-WULS, Nowoursynowska 159c

Gene expression profiles in canine mammary carcinomas of various grades of malignancy

certified pathologists (Prof. Dr. hab. Elbieta Malicka and Dr. Izabella Dolka, both from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland). The tumour types of specimens had been classified based on the World

Five markers useful for the distinction of canine mammary malignancy

samples from paraffin blocks were fixed on glass slides, stained with haematoxylin – eosin (HE) and had been examined by certified pathologists (prof. Dr. hab. Elżbieta Malicka and Dr. Izabella Dolka, both

A role of ghrelin in canine mammary carcinoma cells proliferation, apoptosis and migration

Background Ghrelin is a natural ligand of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R). They are often co-expressed in multiple human tumors and related cancer cell lines what can indicate that the ghrelin/GHS-R axis may have an important role in tumor growth and progression. However, a role of ghrelin in canine tumors remains unknown. Thus, the aim of our study was two-fold...

The gene expression profiles of canine mammary cancer cells grown with carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) as a co-culture in vitro

Background It is supposed that fibroblasts present in tumour microenvironment increase cancer invasiveness and its ability to metastasize but the mechanisms have not been clearly defined yet. Thus, the current study was designed to assess changes in gene expression in five various cancer cell lines grown as a co-culture with the carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) in vitro...

Density of Gr1-positive myeloid precursor cells, p-STAT3 expression and gene expression pattern in canine mammary cancer metastasis

The very recent studies on human and mice models have indicated an important role of myeloid precursor cells (progenitors or not fully differentiated cells that express the Gr1 antigen also called Gr1-positive myeloid suppressor cells) in the tumor progression and metastasis. They are thought to suppress the immune system and promote angiogenesis via Signal transducer and...