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Review of Kimberly Lynn and Erin Kathleen Rowe, eds. The Early Modern Hispanic World: Transnational and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Approaches J. B. Owens 0 1 0 This Article is brought to you for free and open access by Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies. It has been accepted for inclusion in Bulletin for Spanish ... important topics with which historians must yet deal will draw scholars of impressive talent. J. B. Owens Idaho State University

Before Highway Maps: Creating a Digital Research Infrastructure Based on Sixteenth-Century Iberian Places and Roads

, D.C. (by Robert Hibberd) and of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies in Ottawa, Canada (by J. B. Owens). The authors thank those who offered at that time suggestions for ... . Sanders and I. K. Whitbread, “Central Places and Major Roads in the Peloponnese,” The Annual of the British School at Athens 85 (1990): 333-361. 4 J. B. Owens, "Toward a Geographically-Integrated, Connected