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Seeding Rate for Dryland Wheat

Four winter wheat varieties (PlainsGold Byrd, Limagrain T158, Syngenta TAM 111, and WestBred Winterhawk) were planted at five seeding rates (30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 lb/a) in the fall of 2014 and 2015 at Colby, Garden City, and Tribune, KS. The objective of the study was to identify appropriate seeding rates for dryland winter wheat in western Kansas. Averaged across varieties, a ...

Wheat and Grain Sorghum in Four-Year Rotations

In 1996, an effort began to quantify soil water storage, crop water use, and crop productivity on dryland systems in western Kansas. Research on 4-year crop rotations with wheat and grain sorghum was initiated at the Southwest Research-Extension Center near Tribune, KS. Rotations were wheat-wheat-sorghum-fallow (WWSF), wheatsorghum- sorghum-fallow (WSSF), and continuous wheat (WW). ...

Integrated Grain and Forage Rotations

Producers are interested in growing forages in rotation with grain crops. Many producers are interested in diversifying their operations to include livestock or grow feed for the livestock industry. By integrating forages into the cropping system producers can take advantage of more markets and reduce market risk. Forages require less water to make a crop than grain crops, so the ...

Teff Grass Response to Nitrogen Fertilization

Teff, a warm season annual grass native to Africa, is gaining popularity as a forage crop in the United States. Little information regarding nitrogen fertilization is available for teff grass production. This field experiment was conducted to evaluate teff grass response to varying nitrogen fertilization rates under dryland conditions. There was no yield response to increasing ...

Fallow Replacement Crop (Cover Crops, Annual Forages, and Short-Season Grain Crops) Effects on Available Soil Water

License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Authors J. D. Holman, T. Roberts, S. Maxwell, I. Kisekka, and A. Obour This Cropping and Tillage Systems article is