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Technology Development as a Normative Practice: A Meaning-Based Approach to Learning About Values in Engineering—Damming as a Case Study

. ( 2013 ). Beliefs, acceptances and technological knowledge . In M. J. de Vries, S. O. Hansson , & A. W. M. Meijers (Eds.), Norms in technology (pp. 55 - 65 ). Dordrecht: Springer. Didier , C. ( 2009 ... -qanatin-iran.htm. Meijers , A. W. M. , & Kroes , P. ( 2013 ). Extending the scope of the theory of knowledge . In M. J. de Vries, S. O. Hansson , & A. W. M. Meijers (Eds.), Norms in technology (pp. 15 - 34

Can transplant renal scintigraphy predict the duration of delayed graft function? A dual center retrospective study

: Stan Benjamens, Robert A. Pol, Lioe-Fee de Geus-Oei, Andor W. J. M. Glaudemans, Riemer H. J. A. Slart. Resources: Stan Benjamens, Aiko P. J. de Vries. 12 / 13 1. Cornell LD , Smith RN , Colvin RB

Neutrinoless double beta decay in chiral effective field theory: lepton number violation at dimension seven

We analyze neutrinoless double beta decay (0νββ) within the framework of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory. Apart from the dimension-five Weinberg operator, the first contributions appear at dimension seven. We classify the operators and evolve them to the electroweak scale, where we match them to effective dimension-six, -seven, and -nine operators. In the next step...

A high working memory load prior to memory retrieval reduces craving in non-treatment seeking problem drinkers

Background Reconsolidation-based interventions have been suggested to be a promising treatment strategy for substance use disorders. In this study, we aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a working memory intervention to interfere with the reconsolidation of alcohol-related memories in a sample of non-treatment seeking heavy drinkers. Methods Participants were randomized to...

Coupling interval variability of premature ventricular contractions in patients with different underlying pathology: an insight into the arrhythmia mechanism

Ron T. van Domburg 1 Mihran Martirosyan 2 Lennart J. de Vries 3 Department of Epidemiology, Erasmus Medical Center , Rotterdam , The Netherlands Purpose Coupling interval (CI) variability of premature

An international clinical study of ability and disability in ADHD using the WHO-ICF framework

Christiansen declares no conflict of interest related to this work. Mats Granlund declares no conflict of interest related to this work. Petrus J de Vries reports no direct conflicts of interest related to this

Standardised assessment of functioning in ADHD: consensus on the ICF Core Sets for ADHD

educational and research support from the following pharmaceutical companies in the past 3 years: Eli-Lilly, Janssen-Cilag, Novartis, and Shire. Petrus J de Vries has been on the study steering committee and

Dissociable effects of cocaine and yohimbine on impulsive action and relapse to cocaine seeking

pharmacologically modulated in the same direction within individuals, these effects appear not to be directly coupled. Impulsivity; Cocaine self-administration; Relapse; Yohimbine - Taco J. De Vries and Tommy

Spectrum of retinal abnormalities in renal transplant patients using chronic low-dose steroids

Purpose To assess the ophthalmological characteristics of asymptomatic patients with a renal transplant on chronic low-dose steroids for at least the last 2 years prior to examination. Methods Cross-sectional study. All patients underwent an extensive ophthalmological examination. Results Of the 37 included patients [25 male, 12 female; 59 ± 11 years (range, 38–77 years...

Prefoveal floaters as a differential diagnosis to optic neuritis: “mouches dormantes”

This case series describes a new optical coherence tomography (OCT) specific observation relevant to the differential diagnosis of patients with suspected optic neuritis. A tiny prefoveal floater, only detectable by OCT, was found responsible for the symptoms in three patients, one of whom had been referred with unilateral delayed visual evoked potentials. This case series...

A word of advice: how to tailor motivational text messages based on behavior change theory to personality and gender

Developing systems that motivate people to change their behaviors, such as an exercise application for the smartphone, is challenging. One solution is to implement motivational strategies from existing behavior change theory and tailor these strategies to preferences based on personal characteristics, like personality and gender. We operationalized strategies by collecting...

An International Clinical Study of Ability and Disability in Autism Spectrum Disorder Using the WHO-ICF Framework

Knüppel, Anika Langmann, Marlene B. Lauritsen, Graccielle R. Cunha, Tokio Uchiyama, Nicole Wolff, Melissa Selb, Mats Granlund, Petrus J. de Vries, Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, and Sven Bölte declare no conflict of ... Shire Pharmaceutical Company; she collaborated as Sub-investigator in sponsored clinical trials by Shire Pharmaceutical Company and Lundbeck. Petrus J. de Vries discloses that he has received grants and

Right-handed charged currents in the era of the Large Hadron Collider

J. de Vries, Renormalization group running of dimension-six sources of [87] S. Weinberg , Larger Higgs exchange terms in the neutron electric dipole moment , Phys. [88] F. Wilczek and A. Zee , I = 1 ... ) , Minneapolis MN U.S.A., 29 July{6 August 2013 [arXiv:1312.5416] [INSPIRE]. [125] T. Chupp and M. Ramsey-Musolf , Electric dipole moments: a global analysis , Phys. Rev. C [126] J. de Vries , E. Mereghetti

Trajectories in quality of life of patients with a fracture of the distal radius or ankle using latent class analysis

Purpose This prospective study aimed to identify the different trajectories of quality of life (QOL) in patients with distal radius fractures (DRF) and ankle fractures (AF). Secondly, it was examined if subgroups could be characterized by sociodemographic, clinical, and psychological variables. Methods Patients (n = 543) completed the World Health Organization Quality of Life...

Systemic complement activation in central serous chorioretinopathy

. van Dijk, Roula Tsonaka. Writing ± original draft: Elon H. C. van Dijk. Writing ± review & editing: Elon H. C. van Dijk, Roula Tsonaka, Ngaisah Klar-Mohamad, Diana Wouters, Aiko P. J. de Vries, Eiko

Rapid Design of Knowledge-Based Scoring Potentials for Enrichment of Near-Native Geometries in Protein-Protein Docking

Protein-protein docking protocols aim to predict the structures of protein-protein complexes based on the structure of individual partners. Docking protocols usually include several steps of sampling, clustering, refinement and re-scoring. The scoring step is one of the bottlenecks in the performance of many state-of-the-art protocols. The performance of scoring functions depends...

Models as artefacts of a dual nature: a philosophical contribution to teaching about models designed and used in engineering practice

. Jones & M. J. De Vries (Eds.), International handbook of research and development in technology education (pp. 1 - 9 ). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. De Vries , M. J. ( 2013 ). Modeling in technology and ... of Canterbury/University of Waikato. De Vries , M. J. , & Meijers , A. W. M. ( 2013 ). Beliefs, acceptances and technological knowledge . In M. J. de Vries, S. O. Hansson , & A. W. M. Meijors (Eds

‘Standards’ on the bench: Do Standards for technological literacy render an adequate image of technology?

Journal of Technology and Science Education. Vol 2013-6374 Journal of Technology and Science Education Mahdi G. Nia 0 Marc J. de Vries 0 0 Delft University of Technology The Netherlands The ... that country. Marc J. de Vries Dr. Marc J. de Vries is an affiliate professor of Christian Philosophy (of technology) at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He also has a chair in Science

Effect of Preventive and Curative Fingolimod Treatment Regimens on Microglia Activation and Disease Progression in a Rat Model of Multiple Sclerosis

Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen , Hanzeplein 1, PO Box 30.001, 9700 RB Groningen , The Netherlands 2 Erik F. J. de Vries

An international qualitative study of ability and disability in ADHD using the WHO-ICF framework

Sunil Karande declares no conflict of interest related to this work. Petrus J de Vries declares no conflict of interest directly related to this work. He is on the study steering committee of three phase