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Towards apparent convergence in asymptotically safe quantum gravity

. I. Donkin, J. M. Pawlowski , ( 2012 ), arXiv: 1203 .4207 [hep-th] 27. S. Nagy , J. Krizsan , K. Sailer , JHEP 07 , 102 ( 2012 ). arXiv: 1203 .6564 [hep-th] 28. D. Benedetti , F. Caravelli , JHEP 06

Chiral fermions in asymptotically safe quantum gravity

We study the consistency of dynamical fermionic matter with the asymptotic safety scenario of quantum gravity using the functional renormalisation group. Since this scenario suggests strongly coupled quantum gravity in the UV, one expects gravity-induced fermion self-interactions at energies of the Planck scale. These could lead to chiral symmetry breaking at very high energies...