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Cellular Automaton experiments on local galactic structure. II. Numerical simulations

This paper is a step towards demonstrating that the multi–parameter Cellular Automaton framework designed for the simulation of local galactic structure, developed in a companion paper (Perdang & Lejeune 1996, Paper I), is capable of duplicating the local irregularities observed in the structure of flocculent spiral galaxies. The numerical simulations exhibit the development of...

Non-linear helioseismology

The differential equations for non-linearly coupled radial adiabatic oscillation modes are integrated for three detailed solar models. In all experiments the resulting power spectrum of the surface displacement shows a peak at a long period PL exceeding 2 hr.

Chaotic solar oscillations?

A numerical experiment on Hamiltonian oscillations demonstrates the existence of chaotic motions which satisfy the property of phase coherence. It is observed that the low-frequency end of the power spectrum of such motions is remarkably similar in structure to the low-frequency SCLERA spectra. Since the smallness of the observed solar amplitudes is not a sufficient mathematical...