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Wind-Turbine Gear-Box Roller-Bearing Premature-Failure Caused by Grain-Boundary Hydrogen Embrittlement: A Multi-physics Computational Investigation

Axonal Injury , Multidiscip. Model. Mater. Struct., 2012 , 8 , p 213 - 245 24. M. Grujicic , S. Ramaswami , R. Yavari , R. Galgalikar , V. Chenna , and J. S. Snipes , Multi-Physics Computational Analysis

Fatigue-Life Computational Analysis for the Self-Expanding Endovascular Nitinol Stents

Self-expanding endovascular stents made of Nitinol (a Ni-Ti intermetallic compound possessing superelastic and shape-memory properties) are being widely used to treat a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries, primarily due to fatty deposits, hamper blood flow to the extremities (the problem commonly referred to as “peripheral artery disease”). The stents of this...