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Coronas and Domination Subdivision Number of a Graph

In this paper, for a graph G and a family of partitions \(\mathcal {P}\) of vertex neighborhoods of G, we define the general corona \(G \circ \mathcal {P}\) of G. Among several properties of this new operation, we focus on application general coronas to a new kind of characterization of trees with the domination subdivision number equal to 3.

Towards Regional, Error-Bounded Landscape Carbon Storage Estimates for Data-Deficient Areas of the World

Monitoring landscape carbon storage is critical for supporting and validating climate change mitigation policies. These may be aimed at reducing deforestation and degradation, or increasing terrestrial carbon storage at local, regional and global levels. However, due to data-deficiencies, default global carbon storage values for given land cover types such as ‘lowland tropical...