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Being Poorer Than the Rest of the Neighborhood: Relative Deprivation and Problem Behavior of Youth

the present study, written informed consent was obtained from adolescents and their parents, and also from all the participating schools. Jaap Nieuwenhuis is a postdoctoral researcher at OTB—Research

Neighbourhood Poverty, Work Commitment and Unemployment in Early Adulthood: A Longitudinal Study into the Moderating Effect of Personality

We studied how personality moderates the effect of neighbourhood disadvantage on work commitment and unemployment in early adulthood. Using a personality typology of resilients, overcontrollers, and undercontrollers, we hypothesised that the association between neighbourhood poverty and both work commitment and unemployment would be stronger for overcontrollers and...

The association between neighbourhoods and educational achievement, a systematic review and meta-analysis

Many studies have examined the effects of neighbourhoods on educational outcomes. The results of these studies are often conflicting, even if the same independent variables (such as poverty, educational climate, social disorganisation, or ethnic composition) are used. A systematic meta-analysis may help to resolve this lack of external validity. We identified 5516 articles from...