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Assemblages and habitat preferences of soft bottom Antarctic Amphipoda: Admiralty Bay case study

Amphipoda belong to enormously diverse benthic invertebrate groups in the Southern Ocean, playing a very important role in the Antarctic communities. However, in the majority of ecological studies they are identified only to the order level. Rare ecological studies, where amphipods were identified to the species level, concern mainly shallow sublittoral. There is also poor ...

Low abundance and high species richness: the structure of the soft-bottom isopod fauna of a West Antarctic glacial fjord

Isopods belong to the most speciose groups of the Antarctic benthic fauna, although the knowledge on their diversity and small-scale distribution patterns is still limited. Here we analyze the diversity of the isopod fauna in the Admiralty Bay, a glacial fjord on the King George Island. The basin is located in the region of the Antarctic Peninsula, the fastest warming area of the ...

Macrozoobenthos of two Antarctic glacial coves: a comparison with non-disturbed bottom areas

There are only few studies on shallow Antarctic benthic communities associated with habitats affected by intense mineral sedimentation inflow. The analysis of macrofaunal communities associated with two shallow, isolated glacial coves was performed in Admiralty Bay (King George Island) and compared with non-disturbed sites. Multivariate analyses (hierarchical classification, nMDS) ...