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An attempt to interpret a biochemical mechanism of C4 photosynthetic thermo-tolerance under sudden heat shock on detached leaf in elevated CO2 grown maize

(17YF1421800). Author Contributions Data curation: James A. Bunce, Xiaocen Zhu. Formal analysis: James A. Bunce, Xiaocen Zhu. Funding acquisition: James A. Bunce, Bo Gao. Investigation: Genyun Chen ... . Methodology: Mingnan Qu, Richard C. Sicher, Xiaocen Zhu. Project administration: James A. Bunce, Genyun Chen. 14 / 16 Resources: Richard C. Sicher, Bo Gao. Software: Mingnan Qu. Supervision: Richard C. Sicher

Food security and climate change: on the potential to adapt global crop production by active selection to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide

Lewis H. Ziska () 3 James A. Bunce 3 Hiroyuki Shimono 1 David R. Gealy 0 Jeffrey T. Baker 7 Paul C. D. Newton 6 Matthew P. Reynolds 5 Krishna S. V. Jagadish 4 Chunwu Zhu 9 Mark Howden 8 Lloyd T

The temperature dependence of the stimulation of photosynthesis by elevated carbon dioxide in wheat and barley

James A. Bunce 0 0 Climate Stress Laboratory , USDA-ARS, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center , 10300 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD-20705-2350, USA - The temperature dependencies of the