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Risk of myeloid neoplasms after radiotherapy among older women with localized breast cancer: A population-based study

analysis: Jessica B. Long. Funding acquisition: Amer M. Zeidan, Xiaomei Ma. Investigation: Amer M. Zeidan, Jessica B. Long, Rong Wang, Xin Hu, James B. Yu, Scott F. Huntington, Gregory A. Abel, Sarah S ... Hu, James B. Yu, Scott F. Huntington, Gregory A. Abel, Sarah S. Mougalian, Nikolai A. Podoltsev, Steven D. Gore, Cary P. Gross, Xiaomei Ma, Amy J. Writing ± original draft: Amer M. Zeidan. Writing

Proton Versus Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer: Patterns of Care and Early Toxicity

please e-mail: . Proton Versus intensity-Modulated r adiotherapy for Prostate c ancer: Patterns of c are and early t oxicity James B. Yu Pamela R. Soulos Jeph Herrin Laura D. Cramer Arnold L

Examining the Cost-Effectiveness of Radiation Therapy Among Older Women With Favorable-Risk Breast Cancer

Background Little is known about the cost-effectiveness of external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) or newer radiation therapy (RT) modalities such as intensity modulated radiation (IMRT) or brachytherapy among older women with favorable-risk breast cancer.


Although most children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) survive, the noncognitive neurologic sequelae of ALL treatment are inadequately described, and most reported studies utilize self-administered questionnaires. We undertook a prospective, IRB-approved, cross-sectional study to define neurologic morbidity in ALL survivors who were more than 5 years from diagnosis...


FOR REGROWING BRAIN METASTASES FOLLOWING RADIOSURGERY Sameer K. Nath, Alison D. Sheridan, Philipp J. Rauch, Joseph N. Contessa, James B. Yu, Jonathan P. Knisely, Frank J. Minja, Alexander O. Vortmeyer


Cellular immunotherapy with alloreactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes (alloCTL) and suicide gene therapy using retroviral replicating vectors (RRV) have both been translated and are currently being evaluated clinically. Here we evaluated the feasibility and efficacy of combining these strategies using an experimental model of breast cancer metastatic to the brain. AlloCTL were made by...