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Do weather changes influence physical activity level among older adults? – The Generation 100 study

, Jan Erik Ingebrigtsen. Data curation: Ulrik Wisløff, Dorthe Stensvold. Formal analysis: Nils Petter Aspvik. Investigation: Nils Petter Aspvik. Methodology: Nils Petter Aspvik. Dorthe Stensvold ... . Resources: Ulrik Wisløff, Dorthe Stensvold. Writing ± original draft: Nils Petter Aspvik. Stensvold. Project administration: Hallgeir Viken, Jan Erik Ingebrigtsen, Nina Zisko, Ulrik Wisløff, Writing

Are Older Adults Physically Active Enough – A Matter of Assessment Method? The Generation 100 Study

Introduction Physical activity (PA) is beneficial for general health. As a result, adults around the world are recommended to undertake regular PA of either absolute or relative intensity. Traditionally, adherence to PA recommendation is assessed by accelerometers that record absolute intensity thresholds. Since ageing often results in a decrease in cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF...