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Constrained superfields on metastable anti-D3-branes

We study the effect of brane polarization on the supersymmetry transformations of probe anti-D3-branes at the tip of a Klebanov-Strassler throat geometry. As is well known, the probe branes can polarize into NS5-branes and decay to a supersymmetric state by brane-flux annihilation. The effective potential has a metastable minimum as long as the number of anti-D3-branes is small...

Vacua and correlators in hyperbolic de Sitter space

We study the power- and bi-spectrum of vacuum fluctuations in a hyperbolic section of de Sitter space, comparing two states of physical interest: the Bunch-Davies and hyperbolic vacuum. We introduce a one-parameter family of de Sitter hyperbolic sections and their natural vacua, and identify a limit in which it reduces to the planar section and the corresponding Bunch-Davies...

WMAP7 constraints on oscillations in the primordial power spectrum

We use the 7-year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP7) data to place constraints on oscillations supplementing an almost scale-invariant primordial power spectrum. Such oscillations are predicted by a variety of models, some of which amount to assuming that there is some non-trivial choice of the vacuum state at the onset of inflation. In this paper, we will explore data...