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Maximal Interaction Two-Mode Clustering

Most classical approaches for two-mode clustering of a data matrix are designed to attain homogeneous row by column clusters (blocks, biclusters), that is, biclusters with a small variation of data values within the blocks. In contrast, this article deals with methods that look for a biclustering with a large interaction between row and column clusters. Thereby an aggregated...

The effect of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on wound healing: a preliminary study

University Medical Centre 12 Monique R. T. M. Thissen 13 Department of Dermatology, Maastricht University Medical Centre 14 Jan Schepers 15 Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life ... Meesters, Yvo M. C. In den BoschMeevissen, Chantal A. H. Weijzen, Wim A. Buurman, Mario Losen, Jan Schepers, Monique R. T. M. Thissen, Hugo J. E. M. Alberts, Casper G. Schalkwijk, and Madelon L. Peters

TwoMP: A MATLAB graphical user interface for two-mode partitioning

Two-way two-mode data occur in almost every domain of scientific psychology. The information present in such data, however, may be hard to grasp because of the dimensions of one or both modes. Two-mode partitioning addresses this problem by breaking down both modes into a number of mutually exclusive and exhaustive subsets. Although such a technique may be very useful, up to now...