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Tracking the emergence of synthetic biology

Synthetic biology is an emerging domain that combines biological and engineering concepts and which has seen rapid growth in research, innovation, and policy interest in recent years. This paper contributes to efforts to delineate this emerging domain by presenting a newly constructed bibliometric definition of synthetic biology. Our approach is dimensioned from a core set of...

A measure of knowledge flow between specific fields: Implications of interdisciplinarity for impact and funding

: Seokbeom Kwon, Jan Youtie. Data curation: Seokbeom Kwon, Jan Youtie, Alan L. Porter. Formal analysis: Seokbeom Kwon, Gregg E. A. Solomon. Funding acquisition: Jan Youtie, Alan L. Porter. Methodology ... : Seokbeom Kwon, Gregg E. A. Solomon, Alan L. Porter. Project administration: Gregg E. A. Solomon, Jan Youtie, Alan L. Porter. 14 / 16 Resources: Alan L. Porter. Software: Seokbeom Kwon. Supervision: Gregg

How Does National Scientific Funding Support Emerging Interdisciplinary Research: A Comparison Study of Big Data Research in the US and China

How do funding agencies ramp-up their capabilities to support research in a rapidly emerging area? This paper addresses this question through a comparison of research proposals awarded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in the field of Big Data. Big data is characterized by its size and difficulties in capturing...

How interdisciplinary is nanotechnology?

Facilitating cross-disciplinary research has attracted much attention in recent years, with special concerns in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Although policy discourse has emphasized that nanotechnology is substantively integrative, some analysts have countered that it is really a loose amalgam of relatively traditional pockets of physics, chemistry, and other disciplines that...

Is there a shift to “active nanostructures”?

It has been suggested that an important transition in the long-run trajectory of nanotechnology development is a shift from passive to active nanostructures. Such a shift could present different or increased societal impacts and require new approaches for risk assessment. An active nanostructure “changes or evolves its state during its operation,” according to the National...