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Scanpath modeling and classification with hidden Markov models

How people look at visual information reveals fundamental information about them; their interests and their states of mind. Previous studies showed that scanpath, i.e., the sequence of eye movements made by an observer exploring a visual stimulus, can be used to infer observer-related (e.g., task at hand) and stimuli-related (e.g., image semantic category) information. However, eye ...

Position of phonetic components may influence how written words are processed in the brain: Evidence from Chinese phonetic compound pronunciation

Previous studies have shown a right-visual-field (RVF)/left-hemisphere (LH) advantage in Chinese phonetic compound pronunciation. Here, we contrast the processing of two phonetic compound types: a dominant structure in which a semantic component appears on the left and a phonetic component on the right (SP characters), and a minority structure with the opposite arrangement (PS ...