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Potentially inappropriate prescribing in two populations with differing socio-economic profiles: a cross-sectional database study using the PROMPT criteria

Health Services Executive Primary Care Reimbursement 2 scribing Optimally in Middle-aged People's Treatments) 3 Janine A. Cooper 4 HRB Centre for Primary Care Research, Division of Population Health

Post-diagnostic prescriptions for low-dose aspirin and breast cancer-specific survival: a nested case-control study in a breast cancer cohort from the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink

Practice Research Datalink Liam J Murray 0 1 Janine A Cooper Carmel M Hughes Des G Powe Chris R Cardwell 1 0 Centre of Excellence for Public Health (NI), Queen's University Belfast, Institute of Clinical

The development of the PROMPT (PRescribing Optimally in Middle-aged People�s Treatments) criteria

Background Whilst multimorbidity is more prevalent with increasing age, approximately 30% of middle-aged adults (45�64 years) are also affected. Several prescribing criteria have been developed to optimise medication use in older people (?65�years) with little focus on potentially inappropriate prescribing (PIP) in middle-aged adults. We have developed a set of explicit...