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Correction: Predicting the Valence of a Scene from Observers' Eye Movements

Seppo J. Laukka Samia Nefti-Meziani Janne Heikkilä There are errors in the Funding section. The correct funding information is as follows: This work is supported by Infotech Oulu, Academy of Finland

Predicting the Valence of a Scene from Observers’ Eye Movements

Multimedia analysis benefits from understanding the emotional content of a scene in a variety of tasks such as video genre classification and content-based image retrieval. Recently, there has been an increasing interest in applying human bio-signals, particularly eye movements, to recognize the emotional gist of a scene such as its valence. In order to determine the emotional...

Tangential volumetric modulated arc therapy technique for left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy

Background The aim of the present study was to introduce a new restricted tangential volumetric modulated arc therapy (tVMAT) technique for whole breast irradiation and compare its dosimetric properties to other currently used breast cancer radiotherapy techniques. Method Ten consecutive women with left-sided breast cancer were enrolled in this retrospective study. Four treatment...