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Mentalization deficit in bipolar patients during an acute depressive and manic episode: association with cognitive functions

. Rybakowski 0 0 Department of Adult Psychiatry, Poznan University of Medical Sciences , ul.Szpitalna 27/33, 60-572 Poznan , Poland Background: A number of studies in bipolar patients have shown a deficit in

Lipid Peroxidation and Immune Biomarkers Are Associated with Major Depression and Its Phenotypes, Including Treatment-Resistant Depression and Melancholia

To examine immune-inflammatory and oxidative (I&O) biomarkers in major depression (MDD) and its related phenotypes, we recruited 114 well-phenotyped depressed patients and 50 healthy controls and measured serum levels of interleukin (IL)-1α, soluble IL-1 receptor antagonist (sIL-1RA), soluble IL-2 receptor (sIL-2R), soluble IL-6 receptor (sIL-6R), soluble tumor necrosis factor ...

Long-term lithium treatment in bipolar disorder: effects on glomerular filtration rate and other metabolic parameters

Daniela Reginaldi Andreas Reif Philipp Ritter Jr. Janusz K. Rybakowski David Saiger Gabriele Sani Valerio Selle Thomas Stamm Gustavo H. Vázquez 0 Julia Veeh Eduard Vieta Ross J. Baldessarini 0 0 The

Genetic Influences on Response to Mood Stabilizers in Bipolar Disorder

Current Status of Knowledge 0 Janusz K. Rybakowski 0 0 J. K. Rybakowski (&) Department of Adult Psychiatry, Poznan University of Medical Sciences , ul.Szpitalna 27/33, 60-572 Poznan, Poland Mood

The association of glycogen synthase kinase-3beta (GSK-3β) gene polymorphism with kidney function in long-term lithium-treated bipolar patients

Background Most bipolar patients experience a reduction in urinary concentrating ability within a few weeks of starting lithium treatment. This phenomenon may be connected with the effect of lithium on the glycogen synthase kinase-3beta (GSK-3β) present in the renal tubules. The GSK-3β gene is located on chromosome 3q13 and possesses a functional -50 C/T polymorphism. In the ...

Online information seeking by patients with bipolar disorder: results from an international multisite survey

Background Information seeking is an important coping mechanism for dealing with chronic illness. Despite a growing number of mental health websites, there is little understanding of how patients with bipolar disorder use the Internet to seek information. Methods A 39 question, paper-based, anonymous survey, translated into 12 languages, was completed by 1222 patients in 17 ...

Stability of lithium treatment in bipolar disorder - long-term follow-up of 346 patients

Anne Berghfer 0 Martin Alda Mazda Adli Christopher Baethge Michael Bauer Tom Bschor Paul Grof Bruno Mller-Oerlinghausen Janusz K Rybakowski Alexandra Suwalska Andrea Pfennig 0 Institute for Social

Assessment of Response to Lithium Maintenance Treatment in Bipolar Disorder: A Consortium on Lithium Genetics (ConLiGen) Report

Objective The assessment of response to lithium maintenance treatment in bipolar disorder (BD) is complicated by variable length of treatment, unpredictable clinical course, and often inconsistent compliance. Prospective and retrospective methods of assessment of lithium response have been proposed in the literature. In this study we report the key phenotypic measures of the ...