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Effect of intensive multifactorial treatment on vascular progenitor cells in hypertensive patients

GoÂmez-Garre. Funding acquisition: Dulcenombre GoÂmez-Garre. Investigation: Adriana Ortega-HernaÂndez, Javier Modrego. Methodology: Adriana Ortega-HernaÂndez, MarÂõa Abad-Cardiel, Jose Antonio GarcÂõa ... , Dulcenombre GoÂmez-Garre. Validation: Javier Modrego, Nieves Martell-Claros, Dulcenombre GoÂmez-Garre. 11 / 14 Visualization: Javier Modrego. Writing ± original draft: Charbel Maroun-Eid, Adriana Ortega

Platelet Content of Nitric Oxide Synthase 3 Phosphorylated At Serine1177 Is Associated with the Functional Response of Platelets to Aspirin

Objective To analyse if platelet responsiveness to aspirin (ASA) may be associated with a different ability of platelets to generate nitric oxide (NO). Patients/Methods Platelets were obtained from 50 patients with stable coronary ischemia and were divided into ASA-sensitive (n = 26) and ASA-resistant (n = 24) using a platelet functionality test (PFA-100). Results ASA-sensitive...